Thursday, February 10, 2011


 I had Jackie quilt one quilt for me that I needed for the upcoming show end of April-May.  I've been trying to get all the binding done, sleeves put on, and labels... So I have been hand sewing like a mad woman... Funny thing, I cleaned my studio last week, right... Can't find my perle cotton that has my THIMBLE in it... there is a lot to be said about a messy studio... I know where everything is when it's messy because I look at it for weeks at a time!   But put it out of sight outta mind... LOL...Did I just, justify having a messy studio?

 This is my last quilt that I need to FINISH for the show... I'm STILL machine stitching these bloody 1/2" wavy lines over this quilt... It's taking eons....  Parts got a but wacky... But I'm going with it...I fret less about making goofs on a quilt, as I know there will be many more to make, and with each one, some things will just work them selves out with more practice...  Don't sweat the small stuff, make another quilt!  I like that theory! ( for this quilt anyway) practice practice practice! (and wash it!)

My DQS10 quilt is bound, and I am playing with a few final touches to it... I thought perhaps a wee house on the alligator head of an island...  ( Shela, I contemplated the golf ball on the alligator head, but I'm sticking with the house. haha!)  That's OK, the lovely person reading that will understand it...

AWWW, see my Princesses? they woudln't care if a rock was under those pillows let alone a PEA!

A friend of mine whose children go to another school in NYC, did an after school project with the kids, and had them make quilt squares and donated them to me to make a quilt in honor of them for BASICS.  I thought that was a great idea...  I can't say no to that!  Thank you Allison! And the kids of VCS, THANK YOU!   I will put it together, finish it and send you all a picture! 

We are OH SO CLOSE, to giving away that sewing machine!  We have 193 QUILTS!!  Perhaps more now, I haven't gotten the updated quilt list in a week...  One of you will be getting a new machine soon!  go to the site for more information. Bumble Beans BASICS


  1. Just think what you will do with all the iron in your system!!! Holy Crap woman-there will be no stopping you now.
    Seriously, I'm thinking of you and hoping the 6-month iron routine is just the ticket.
    I do especially love that little quilt. Lucky recipient for that one. It's so bright and sweet.

  2. I've had my color fix this morning! Lots of pretties, including your pups! I think your DQS is so much fun and whoever receives it should LOVE it.

  3. Love the island quilt and the house!

  4. Love, love, love these quilts! The quilting is great too. You menioned about making goofs - here's my theory "If you can't find it when you're done, it's not a goof." Happy quilting
    Mary Ann

  5. You're not exhibiting 'til April-May and you're worried that you're just finishing the last quilt?? The speed you go, you coul quilt it by hand with lines a quarter of an inch apart! Still, when you're done you can join those comfy dogs on their throne! Can't they always find the best places? Your little 'maguc island' is very FUN!

  6. I leave for PERU mid march, and everything has to be submitted for photos the first week in march... so m yeah, that and hand sewing sleeves and labels on all of them... I'm in a mad rush to get these things done...

  7. A messy studio is that of a creative mind and person. So there is no justification needed. Just keep it messy. But I am sure you will find the perle cotton and thimble.... remember it is where you left it last... LOL!

  8. beautiful array of wonderful colors and coordinated so well lady!! Is that a cocker spaniel doggie I see? Can't wait to see the children's quilt pieced:)

  9. Gee, everytime I read your blog I am going "what? she is having transfusions? " or "what, she is going to Peru?" or .... gee you are all over the place... a life being lived fully - and we only see a small part of it - I'm impressed!
    And I can't wait to see the BASICS goal met! Great work.

  10. Look at your quilting! Hope you found your thimble. Gorgeous puppies, how precious are they?!! xo

  11. It is going to be a fabulous show. I love all the color and the happiness and strength, Ms. Ironwoman. Wonderful.


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