Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I LOVE orange

 I took a few minutes this morning to PLAY on a small quilt top 
I put together last summer. 

I was feeling rather ORANGE, so I thought, "Why not!"

Even though I am a day behind on getting stuff done for the shows,
after yesterday,  I figured I earned a few minutes of PLAY time.

See the nice ORANGE IV cords below?
This how I spent my day yesterday.  I must be all orange inside!

Every two to four weeks for the past year and half, 
I've been going in for iron infusions, 2.5 hours at a time.

It seems I don't ABSORB IRON, or RETAIN IRON....
So after being very anemic for a long time, 
(pills don't work, because I don't absorb it.. )
This has been my regiment... Well after 3 more doctors, they
can't find anything wrong with me,
they have said,
 this is what you have to do from now's just a part of me, 
genetically that I don not retain or absorb iron.

So yesterday, I spent 10 hours at the hospital getting a NEW iron infusion, (yippeee)
that should hopefully last me 6 months at a time...(more yippee's!)
My fingers are crossed!
my old routine of every 2-4 weeks was making it difficult to travel...

Just thought I'd put this out there, if anyone else has had anything like this....
Believe me when I say I've had every test done and redone... I have no internal bleeding, 
etc etc... it's not my diet..(I eat very well) I can't take iron pills etc etc... (no absorption)

Since it was very potent iron, it had to be given to me very slowly..
I thought I'd get all this work done... but because people can have a allergic reaction 
to this, they give you a huge dose of Benydryl, and well, I can tell you, 
I took TWO naps, and was feeling no pain for most of the day... 
Boy, I slept good last night...

So, I really do love orange... Inside and out. 

I was labeled the IRON WOMAN,
which provided a lot of chuckles to the chemo and
Dialysis patients that I kept company with most of the day.

I was in very good, amazing, strong, humorous, company yesterday.
Bless them all!

Imagine, me having energy?
How many quilts can I get done now?

Is your favorite color,
a color that comes out in your creations often?
or not at all?

I've not really made an orange quilt.... I have one in the works, 
but strangely it's not my first choice...


  1. Hey, Iron Woman! Congratulations on your big day with the IV. Looks like we might see a LOT more orange coming out of your studio!

  2. Miss, Iron Woman! Happy day to you!
    I can not imagine how many more and how fast all those quilts will come out of your studio now! Good, you don't have to see those tubes for a while!

  3. So glad they've found a solution!! I'm happy you've found organge, it's not a color for the faint of heart LOL!! My favorite, browned red. Have a great day.

  4. Keep movin' Iron Woman, so you don't rust!

  5. Yes, I can vouch for the fact that you eat well! We certainly had our dose of very good food over the weekend, didn't we? Orange is very becoming of you. You wear it very well, inside and out. Especially on your quilts! Lots of hugs and YAY to having a great nap... or several.

  6. Really hope it will work for you and you are doen for 6 months! Just don't go through airport security - you may set off the metal detector... being iron woman and all ;-)

  7. Victoria, I do hope you come along well & don't have any IRON issues ... glad they know how to maintain you.

    Love the orange. It is my kind of color ... bright, bold & beautiful.

    My best to you ...
    Happy Valentine's ~
    TTFN ~

    GIVEAWAY ends 2/11

  8. I always thought that you were one strong, amazing lady. Now I know! Hope all this orange "takes". We are all huffing and puffing to keep up with you as it is. Now you will certainly be leaving us in the dust/rust? By the way, I was informed by a psychology person that people favored the color orange where very intelligent.

  9. I love the way you quilted this one! 2 different designs... and I love how the feathers follow in and out that one color of orange and skip the brighter orange. Very pretty!

  10. You guys are cracking me up... how funny you all are!

    Theresa, thanks, I was purely playing... It's just a little thing, thought I' d try some different things, just to see what happened... It's sort of an odd little thing to start with, why not have some odd quilting!

  11. I remember you mentioning once before that you had been in for your IV but didn't know what it was for - glad you explained, I wondered if you were really sick but didn't feel I could ask as I was a new reader - I am glad this will fix you up for close to 6 months now - having a medical condition myself I can say been there done that and will continue to the rest of my life - but I can pop pills and don't need IV's I have never heard of your condition - good luck.

  12. Hoping the treatment keeps you energized for the next 6 months. That sounds much more manageable! Sending hugs and good thoughts your way.

  13. Wow - 2.5 hours at a time. I sure hope you have something to do while they pump you full of iron. I'd go a bit crazy having to sit still that long.

    I like orange too, but in small doses. I really like yello but I hardly ever wear it or use it in projects. Don't know why. My kitchen is yellow, though. I heard somewhere that people are more likely to fight in a yellow room haha.

  14. That explains your magnetic personality....Mystery solved....Go orange...and heres to the next six months of inspiration only from fabric... and not IVs...smiles

  15. Strange question--has your doctor checked your kidney function thoroughly? Because the anemia you are describing is sometimes connected to kidney function.
    I am just asking because a close family member had the same thing--the anemia and constant infusions, and it was kidney related.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  16. Hope the new iron and schedule works. I'm on a every 6 wk injusion schedule - different drug, different reason but still puts a crimp in my tail! Love your quilting!!!

    Mary Ann

  17. But we all know you are truly a Red Woman... It's green for me. I never heard of the iron infusions, I have the deficiency issue too, I don't know the why of it, either. How did they determine that you don't absorb it?

  18. Wouldn't a 6 month schedule be a nice change? Crossing my fingers for you:) My father-in-law has the opposite problem and has to get 'drained' every so often.

  19. I am going to really be hoping that this works. Every 6 months versus every 2-3 weeks is a big difference. My favorite color is pink because I look good in it, but I don't ever make anything with pink. Hmmm . . . maybe that needs to change!

  20. Wow. I'm glad you'll have fewer treatments now to keep you on track. That's great news. Orange is good. I've been collecting, and am about ready to start something.

  21. Fingers crossed for you here too...6 months sounds far preferable! Orange is my favourite too...whenever I think of it now, the great collaborative star you made with Tonya pops into my head!
    And boy, you're good at those feathers now...remember how recently you thought you couldn't do them? LOL!

  22. Go Iron Woman! I hope it works- only have get treatment twice a year is going to be great. My daughter's friend's mom got her iron levels straightened out last year and it's like day and night for you. You are going to be even more of a quilting force of nature now! I LOVE the little orange diddy by the way. You know it's one of my favorite colors. They definitely make their way into a lot of my quilts but now I am thinking about a Favorite Colors quilt. It sure would be a better use of my reds that sitting on the shelf looking pretty!

  23. Wonderful -- if you can do this once every six months, terrific!! And I must say, if you've been low energy, I cannot imagine what you'll be when your iron status improves!

    Very happy for you.

  24. I hope that this new treatment works for you and I'll be praying for you. I'm not an orange fan, but I love what the metro club did with the orange blocks.

  25. So glad they figured out a plan for you. Wondering if you can make magnets move towards you now!

    Orange was a color I stayed away from. Never really liked it, probably because it looks terrible on me. But I have to say it is growing on me by leaps and bounds and an orange quilt will be in my future.

  26. Im sorry you are suffering from anemia. I had it and luckily could take supplements, but it did take a while to recover-almost a year. Mine was called by a heavy menstrual cycle. I was later diagnosed with cancer. Take it easy. Do what the Dr says. Just know it will take time to regain your strength, but you will.

  27. I've never been fond of orange -- until today! I love your quilt! Maybe I just don't know what to do with orange. :-)

    Thanks for sharing what you've been dealing with. I'm so glad you found a treatment that will last longer. I can't imagine what you'll be like juiced up with iron -- you run circles around most of us on a bad day!

  28. wooeeeee that is pretty! Sorry about all the tubes but it sounds like the iron 'thing' will be good for awhile! I think I'm gonna send all my 'feathering' to you in the future. It sure looks GOOD!

  29. Here's to hoping the new regimin works! I've never even realized you could have that specific problem. But I'm very happy that you live in a time where a solution is available to you!
    PS - I love fall colors, and I have a weakness for leaves.


  31. I love orange too, Victoria. You are amazing, Iron woman! Take care. Maybe it is more challenging to make the perfect orange quilt since it's your favorite color?

  32. I think Marit has a point, my favorite color is lime green - I collect the fabrics, but don't always use them a lot - love looking at them and petting them from time to time! I REALLY hope this new treatment works for you V - and did you notice, your iv juice is ORANGE?
    Love the orange piece by the way, gorgeous feathers!

  33. That's an incredible medical wonderment. I hope this stuff works for you.

    I always say my favourite colour is red, and it is, but I don't quilt with it that often. I go for orange first. And grey lately.

  34. I too love orange and wear my bright orange scarf almost every day. It makes me happy on the grayest of days just like the orange pillows on my couch. I use a lot of oranges in my work in an on again off again love affair sort of way.
    Hours and hours in a doctor's office or hospital is boring but it sounds like you are able to find enjoyable company. I'm glad they have figured out a better treatment for you!

  35. That is so cool that you will be able to go six months without the iron IV. Sorta' lengthens your rope, huh? I haven't grown up enough yet to have a favorite color, they're all still my favorite!

  36. Interesting since I seem to loose red blood cells. Dr thought I was "bleeding out". I asked if there was a knive in my back that I didn't know about. I have always been border line anemic, but pills seem to help...just that they make me constipated (like you needed to know that, but....) Never could figure out why I'm so close to anemic all the time.

  37. You meet the best people in the infusion lab. Sorry you've had aneima problems that can be so hard. I've had several iron treatments because of my itp. Hope your feeling good and strong after pumping iron all day.

  38. Enjoy your new found freedom of schedule! Orange is my 4 yo fav color and he is collecting fq so I see an orange quilt on my to do list@

  39. Geez V! I hope this new iron treatment works for you. It must have been a real hassle having to go to hospital every 2-4 weeks. What an interesting condition... Sorry, I can't help it. Being a family doctor, this stuff is facinating to me. :-) Hope you are feeling well.

  40. cute orange quilt - love the feather quilting on it. it's hard to believe that you get soooo much done with low iron, kinda scary to think of what you can accomplish now. good luck and I hope you're full of iron for months and months!!!


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