Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dear DQS Partner

Dear Swap Partner...
Whoever you maybe... You  may have already peaked through my images of things I like,
(favorite color orange, and obsessed with Crosses and Virgin Marys)
But I wanted to pop in to say, that my most favorite Quilt-y gifts 
I have ever rcvd are from friends who 

Did their own thing with whatever inspires them.

When the creative juices rev you up, jump in and create 
til it makes you Jump up and down in joy.

 My favorite Quilts that I have made, 
have happened by complete

Making something from nothing is the best gift ever...

Have fun, don't stress... 
Sew with a smile on your face...




  1. Those photos set out like that look fabulous. They make a quilt pattern. Each set of pictures could be a quilt! ( which just show any colour will work )(no I am not your swap partner )

  2. I can see that you are really enjoying the mosaic maker! I can see this inspiring you in your quilting!

  3. You are the most awesome, supportive swap partner ever! Wish I had joined this swap!!

  4. Geez Louise! Look at all those quilts! And every one an inspiration. You are a marvel.

  5. Oh! This post looks stunning! And the quilts in it too! Wow!!!

  6. What a feast for the eyes this morning. Tanks V. I needed that...

  7. I'm in awe. I'm assuming you made all these. Please tell me that you didn't do all these this past year. Like I've said before, I'd love to come "play" at your house after school (work) LOL!! I'm going to come back later and look at them closer. :).

  8. I can't wait for the day when I can have a real-life paly date with you!!!! How funny is this, the word I am supposed to verify is RESTS....anything but what you do when I see all those beautiful projects you have create!!!!


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