Thursday, December 16, 2010


 It took me a week to clean my studio...
Don't ask me where anything is...  (!!)

But alas, I think I am ready for our Christmas Party tonight....

(it may never look like this again!)
 My Cross quilt is not done, but it will still be visible tonight...  
I have one outer row left to quilt.
I had to take a few days to think about what I want to put there...  
more criss crossing feathers? swags? 
Big random feathers...  I think I've made my decision, 
and  hope to finish it tomorrow, and bind it over the weekend...  
I just couldn't rush it... It's pretty special...

 Besides that, I had to get my auntie's quilt top done... 
More on that later... 
Many of you asked how I did that... stay tuned...
And just to get myself into the Christmas Spirit, Here is a silly link to 
an event that happened in Union Square... most likely before Thanksgiving...
How I wish I would have seen this at Union Square.... 
Click the image to take you to the youtube video...

We get these elf yourself cards every year, and giggle... so this was pretty fun to watch.
Today Charlotte sent me this link to0, which is pretty cool for a flash mob.
Definitely worth taking a peak...
goose bump kind of thing.. ;-)

Alright,I Have got more cleaning to do... 
No more sewing today! 

have fun!


  1. Hey Victoria, enjoy your Christmas party!!! The studio is looking good, and your feathers are stunning!!! Love the quilting inside the feathers too. Can't wait to hear more about your Aunt's star quilt top.

  2. V...absolutely stunning...when i grow up i want to be able to free motion like that...hence my desire for a REAL machine...enjoy the festivities...unfortunately i wont be able to stop i have a get together that has expanded to included more (my house guests are well loved and missed...) so i am now planning food, etc...

    but stunning star as well...oh so many little pre-holiday time.. I am going to get started on my christmas 2011 in i will have loads of items...smiles...

  3. Very impressive. Very, very impressive.

  4. Wow, you've got a lot of fabric! (And you know I luv ya tons!) Have fun at your party and happy cleaning!

  5. Fantastic creative space! And the quilts and quilting - wonderful! I wish I could someday be so good as you in small percentage even:)

  6. Your cross quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could do feathers that nicely!

    Have a great time tonight at your party. Your studio is looking good!

  7. Enjoy your party...still sure you never sleep!!!

  8. The video is lovely~ Thanks for sharing! The cross quilt looks great! Love your quilting pattern! Your studio is amazing! Great space and lots fabric to play with~

    Have a great holiday~

  9. Gorgeous quilting. I'm amazed you do that on a regular sewing machine. I'd need more arms! Your aunt's quilt is really bright and fantastic.

  10. To think you just started quilting. The gradation in the green is wonderful!

  11. I am super jealous of your fabric stash! That is incredible!

  12. The cross quilt is stunning! better not to rush it and do it how you really want it....hard to do when you want it done!
    Have fun at your party...I for one would be in your studio the whole night going through your fabrics!

  13. Your feathers are absolutely gorgeous!! They inspire me to aspire to something more intricate on my quilt that's next up for quilting... here's hoping!

  14. Yes, the cross quilt and the feathers are amazing. Stunning.
    ( as is the stash ;-) )
    Merry Christmas to you and your family

  15. Your studio is looking gorgeous. Is that an angel in the corner? And your quilting is just knock-out! Hope the party was fun.

  16. your place looks fabulous - what a wonderful party spot. fun elf dancing too!

  17. Have so much fun at your party. Your sewing room looks great! Your quilting is stunning.

  18. Your quilt is looking so amazing! I love your feathers, well done!
    And oh, your studio...swoon! and I just love your big windows! I can feel the creative sizzle all the way here!

  19. When you machine it with your standard sewing machine? Do you use a hoop to move your quilt around? Do you mark the quilt or just free hand it?


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