Friday, December 17, 2010

Homemade Christmas show

My New favorite homemade Christmas ornaments... 
Last night at the party, I rcvd a few lovely ornaments from my quilty friends!
Janet made this little house block from a bunch of my scraps....

Pop over the AMY's today, 
I'm honored to share info with her, from the Bloggers Quilt Festival...

 Ellen gave me the Fabulous sewing machine ornament, along with homemade spiced nuts...
 Terri gave me this bird and house ornaments when she came to visit...
My tree is filled with  crafty love...
thank you!!

 Since my studio is clean(and I can find things)
I thought I'd show 
you the Christmas quilts that I have made or collected...

 This scrappy star that I made summer 2008, lives in Canada... 
It was a gift for my hubby's brother& Family last year...

 The Bear paw(far right) was a quilt I made when I was 20... I couldnt' figure out 
how to do binding, so I made it like a giant pillow case and turned it inside out.. 
And hand quilted it the ditch... surprisingly, it lays flat!

The Santa Quilt, I made  about 3 years ago, and still could not do a proper binding...
I had to piece fabric over the corners, how funny is that?
You can learn a lot in three years...

The middle quilt, Christmas log cabin was from a Christmas block swap...
I love that quilt... It is the most snuggly happy quilt I think i have... it may be the RED... ;-)

 This is a vintage Seersucker snowball quilt that I have had for ages... 
 I finished it off last year, the texture on it is so lovely.

This star quilt  was a recent ebay find... Isn't it grand?  
I keep it out to look at it all the time... 
Hand pieced, hand quilted... big and very heavy.... Love it.

Stripey Christmas quilt made this year, ready to be quilted...
(for next year!)

And lastly,  I am marking out my SWAGS to finish quilting my (last year's) Christmas quilt...
I will finish quilting it today, 
bind it over the weekend, and get it on my bed ASAP.

 I will be singing when it's done.
Fa la la la la la la la la la!

Do you have homemade ornaments 
and quilts that you make each year?

Also see all the fun over at my 
we've been having fun with orange light bulb Christmas fabric!


  1. Not making ornaments but am making mini quilts. I particularly love your little sewn house ornaments. I would love some of them on my tree. And...your swags are turning out splendidly. Great job!

  2. Love the wee sewing machine ornie! I can't sew worth a lick!
    Have a beautiful Christmas season, all year ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. Great post!! Love all the quilts. Isn't it funny how we all learn along the way? You have progressed tremendously in such a short time. Loving the Santa quilt and the crosses quilt especially. Can't wait to see it all done and on the bed!! Go girly!

  4. Luv the ornaments, luv the quilts and luv the interview! Really luv your ebay find! Have fun quilting your brains out!

  5. Wow! What a great show of holiday quilts. You've made some lovely ones. Love that binding with the extra corners. The innocence of not knowing. So charming.

  6. Love all your quilts! The one with triangle corner on the binding is my favorite!

  7. gosh I love your quilts and ornaments.

    my mom's been quilting and making quilt friends long enough
    her entire tree is devoted to them.

    probably a good 70 mini quilts.

    happy you shared all your holiday spirit and love that picture on the previous post of your stash.

    holy cow. gotta love all those brights. i think i now have stash envy. :)

  8. My tree is filled with memories...ornaments from when my Mom was a little girl, in the 30's; from my childhood, and little Christmas gifts that friends have given us over the years. Even the tree is one we've had since 1992, the year we got married - it's survived in several pots!
    I don't have a wonderful quilt collection like you, V; only having been quilting for a short while; but I draw great comfort from the fact that 3 years ago you found a binding difficult! Talk about meteoric rise!

  9. That little house ornament is so adorable! I really love handmade ornaments. In fact, we put up two trees, and one has about 90% handmade ornaments on it. Love looking back at your Christmas quilts! That red cross quilt is looking amazing!!!

  10. Oh, V, What lovely quilts and ornaments!
    I am particularly taken my the subtlety of the snowball quilt, swoon...
    I have made a few quilts in Christmassy colours... fun to do! Sending you LOVE!

  11. great show. wowee, love that star quilt - gorgeous! and nope, have to admit, no handmade ornaments on my tree...

  12. ok, so question you actually leave the paper on the quilt and sew over it then remove it? I LOVE that patter!!


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