Thursday, December 9, 2010


 Boo had her holiday concert at school last night...  
I always look forward to being in the Meeting house at the Holidays.
Her school decorates bags to give to GODS LOVE WE DELIVER... 
an org for delivering hot food to AIDs patients in their homes, at the holidays.

 When you see them all hung up, and the place is filled with all the holiday love, 
it makes you a little emotional....

Do you find a way to give back at the Holidays?

I am sending off a quilt this week to a guy I barely know.
He is a super of a building on my block, whom I walk by ten times a day...
lately he hasn't been outside having his usual cigarette...
I found out he had a stroke three weeks ago and is still in the hospital...

 He deserves a quilt.

Our building, has a retired gentleman of 80, who we adore, who sits part time 
as a doorman for us. 
He has no family here,  and just the nicest man... and also was ill recently.

He gets a quilt too.


Then there are all those families at BASICS...

 I'm still doing the stitch in the ditch on the cross quilt...   
It's so fluffy I can't wait to snuggle under it.. the wool is fabulous...

I'm still playing with these trying to find how I want to finish it off...
So fun to play with, waiting for that LIGHT BULB moment...

Speaking of light bulbs... the city is getting all XMAS-y done up.. 
Nighttime is even prettier!

Here's some Christmas fun for you.

Need some new Christmas music?
I picked this up the other day... it's FUN Christmas music...

I'm getting a little tired of Perry Como... ;-)
It was time to update my Christmas music...

I also picked up this new hip 40's style group... the Puppini Sisters
think Modern Andrews sisters... fun for a Xmas party

And some ROCKING Christmas tunes?

A Christmas Cornucopia
Annie Lenox rocks it out, as only she can... Fabulous!

What is a favorite HOLIDAY GIFT you are giving this year?
Is there one gift you buy a lot of and give to many people?

Please share your ideas with us!

Happy Sewing!


  1. I miss those days when kids were in elementary school. It used to put me right in the holiday mood. Nothing like children singing holiday songs!
    Those bags look quite cheerful. I can imagine the atmosphere in the room!
    You are always so kind! I hope your guys feel well soon!
    Our favorite gift this year will be money to a girls' school in far away flood battered country.

  2. This year we will be giving more homemade gifts... bracelets to the granddaughters, fudge to their parents... I still don't know what to give the grandsons. Our siblings will be getting mug rugs with their cards... just can't afford the better gifts. We are giving some canned foods, at work, don't know the cause. I donated 7 "boobs" to Mrs. Moen's breast cancer charity. She's also a quilting blogger in Norway...
    Anyway, as I have said before, you are a very generous quilter... I admire you alot, V.
    <3 Terri

  3. From Jess.. this was my favorite christmas music last year:
    this year it's all about the chipmunks.. at George's request.
    Last year I baked a bunch of Irish soda bread and took one to each of the neighbors (and other friends) who helped us in some way through the year. This year I'm going to make the cranberry bliss bars and box them up with an assortment of cookies. we are so lucky to have moved into a neighborhood of such thoughtful and caring people. I'm also planning on getting small thank you gifts for the women I used as research subjects for my school work this semester. I'd love to make them something, but time constraints don't allow for it this year. Only one person is getting a quilt for Christmas and it's looooong overdue. When I left home at 17 and moved out to the East coast, my dad's sister started watching over me and opened her home to me (and my friends) whenever i needed an escape from college life. Her house in NH is still a safe haven for me. I'm happy to finally be able to give her back the warmth she has shared with me over the last 14 years.
    happy quilting V, it's so rewarding to stitch love into a blanket for someone else..

  4. Hi V...those quilts are coming along beautifully. It's really heartwarming to hear the different ways people have of 'giving back' (you are a REAL heroine in this respect!) Our favourite way is having an elderly friend of my husband's to stay with our family over the Christmas period each year...otherwise he would be on his own. My favourite gift to give this year was 40 rainforest trees (via RSPB) 'green' friend an I can both enjoy the thought of all the creatures who will find homes there. And the gift I am giving to more than one person...Mon Cherie chocolates...cherries in brandy...simply the best! (Shhh...I've only eaten one of the far!)

  5. Our family adopts family members from our church sharing tree each year. Our church provides gifts and generous holiday food boxes/grocery store gift cards for perishables to 30 needy families in our town. Things here in Michigan are not good and there are so many in need for even the most basic things. It's scary and exhilarating to shop for people you don't know! Fortunately we have their names, ages, and some wishes/sizes/needs to work with. My daughter's chosen person is 13 as well and had some basic clothing needs as well as a wish for a disposable camera. My daughter wanted to get her a simple digital camera and volunteered some of her own allowance money. I had to leave the room to cry...

    I've also been making quilty things for my large extended family. This year's bulk homemade item has been casserole mats and mug rugs. And I love to make earrings for my sisters and friends...I come up with some new ones every year.

    I love to make and receive homemade gifts.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  6. Seeing all those bags really is inspiring. Love the play on your design wall.

  7. What a gorgeous bunch of bags. Those kids are very talented!

    For the holidays I give lots of polar fleece scarves to the homeless. They're so easy, just cut 12" strips across the width, no sewing. One year I made 120 and took them to the shelter. Best part of the season for me!

  8. Such an inspirational idea to give someone you know, but you don't really "know" a quilt because you care!!! Thanks for sharing.

    I am giving my hubby a new wedding band because he lost his in the ocean 3 years ago and we are financially a lot better now and so I had to get him a new one for Christmas!

  9. I love the bags......they are beautiful!

    I mailed off three quilts to Basics Monday so hope that helps you out.

    This year I am donating to charities in names of adults instead of buying gifts for them. If I can get anything else finished off, I'll mail it to Basics before the end of the month. Keep up the great work you do! You inspire me!!!

  10. I'm hoping to get a quilt in the mail today or tomorrow!

    Love the decorated bags. Beautiful and meaningful!

    Best, Mary


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