Thursday, September 16, 2010


OK.  I am not touching this quilt anymore.... If anyone hears me say, 
"I'm just going to add this one more thing," STOP ME!

The length was long enough already, I needed it to be wider, 
so I added borders and all the leftover half square triangles I had!
Right down to the last 6 I had cut out originally!  pretty good huh!

Of Course my backing was to narrow, after my adjustments, but luckily I had some extra
half yard cuts of this backing fabric... I am obsessed with Jennifer Paganelli prints... 
You have no idea how many cubbies I have just of her prints... or how many more I just bought!
I have 6 yards cuts of every color of this print...  Isn't it lovely!
Gotta get my iron out.. and get this baby pieced and basted...
I had intended to do this last night, but Boo insisted I watch the America's Got Talent finale...
She was nearly in tears when the 10 year old girl did not win... 
How sweet is that?  Some voice on that girl!


Holly K.!  Send me your address! You get the selvages! 
You were the lucky pick this a.m.!

We can get just about anything for fabrics in my neighborhood.
yesterday I went to the Leather shop...
We have three leather chairs, and TWO of them got damaged, (see the splice in the seat?)
while the construction was going on this summer....
Serious bummer...  This is a huge pieces of leather I found to replace the leather on mine...
Normally I wouldn't, but they are beautiful chairs, and for the price of one of these pieces of leather, I am hoping I can just replace the seats of the chairs... the one on the left is closest... 
Interesting place though. Funny what You can find in my hood.

Here's a OLD picture of my living room.. I couldn't find a empty picture.... 
but  you can see the White radiator covers behind everyone, 
and the empty TV corner under the white painting...
Here it is now!  See the raspberry ice on the walls?  Subtle huh?
 It warms up the room just a bit, I just love it. (the one thing i was most worried about!, PHEEW!)
Now, hopefully all my furniture fabrics make sense!  Remember when I was recovering them, an the colors seemed all over the place?  I think it all worked out well...
I just need my coffee table put back in, but I need 4 people to come move it!
for now it sits behind my couch! Fat lotta good it does there! ;-)

tomorrow, a few pics of my kitchen area...
Have a super day!

who have offered to help quilt the last 8 BASICS QUILT TOPS!

Please don't forget the BAISCS QUILT DRIVE  
is ongoing, and we still need to get to 200 quilts
so I can give away the SEWING MACHINE!!!

Stay tuned, I am waiting for the quilt log update from BASICS
to raffle off the $100 longarm service


  1. Gorgeous - I love that yellow background!

  2. Your star quilt is so beautiful! I adore that border you added to the sides. Great choice for the backing - Jennifer's fabrics are my favorites too.

    Your new living room looks so warm and cozy! I could see spending the afternoon there, lounging with a book or hand sewing project. Good luck with your leather chair. How lucky to have access to all that fabric in your neighborhood.

  3. Congrats to Holly! Lovely living room. Spectacular star splitter.

  4. LOVE that yellow quilt! It is wonderful. I was going to suggest prairie points on the top and bottom but you said not to suggest anything! (LOL) Your living room does look warm and cozy and such a great use for the rads. Can't wait to see more of the loft.

  5. hahaha! NOPE! it's to long already... no more... ;-) thanks Judy!

  6. Congratulations on your quilt! Your living room is just beautiful--warm and inviting. Where are the lap quilts?

  7. Just wanted to let you know that there were 60+ posts from your blog in my Google Reader from last night all posted at the exact same time.. not sure what's going on, but wanted to let you know.

    And when I click through to view the post on your blog it says the page doesn't exist.


  8. I noticed that with other blogs today in my reader as well.... blogger was really fighting me this a.m. pics wouldn't load etc... maybe on their end...

  9. Your home looks very chic, but not in a "dont touch" kind of way. I can imagine coming in throwing down my bags and flooping in front of the TV :D

  10. The star quilt top looks wonderful!! (As I knew it would when you started it!)
    I love how all the wood really warms up the loft, it looks magnificent!!

  11. Your place looks great! Those built-ins are fantastic. You might live in my dream house.

    And the Stars quilt is incredible! I can't wait to see what you do for quilting on it.

  12. This quilt is really going to be beautiful!

    It's fun seeing your loft...I always wondered what NYC "houses" looked like...what floor are you on??

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  13. I love the triangles you added to the edges! It is a beauty. The remodel looks fantastic too!

  14. Magical quilt, V ...just prefect...don't add any more! Your raspberry ice is perfect too, classy and spacious, but warm too - an inspired choice!

  15. Wow...selvages!!!! I'm so excited! I haven't finished/made enough quilts yet to have a lot of selvages..but I'm working on it!! :)

    Your living room looks beautiful! I love the wall color and I think all your stuff in there looks beautiful...and with the brown bookcase/radiator cover things just look warm and rich! :) It's fun to see what people do with a space...inspires me to keep working on my own!

  16. The quilt looks great, I am anxious to see it quilted.

  17. Luv this quilt! The half square triangles you added are just right! You house look GREAT! I can't wait to see it in person! Happy sewing!

  18. Star splitter looks fabulous - love the addition of the extra triangles. gorgeous living room - I'm envious. good luck fixing the chairs.

  19. P.S. If you don't have enough leather to do the whole chair and you can get the existing cover off in one piece, you could 'just' (I know what it's like sewing leather!!) a wonky star in a contrasting leather over the split!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Congratulations! The quilt top is striking & it's been wonderful watching it develop. The loft looks wonderful ... love the choices you made.

  22. Your Star Splitter is gorgeous, as I knew it would be! I feel very honored that I was actually present when you started it!

  23. OMG! Sooooo beautiful!!!! You are one talented Mama!

  24. The Stars turned out so pretty!
    Your kitchen is wonderful with all the windows and now the island - that makes it so usable! Love the raspberry ice and the whole living area. You have hit the mark on your redecorating! Want to do mine? Oh, I forgot; I have to wait for my ship to come in!


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