Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So, I ran around yesterday getting batting, backing etc for my STAR SPLITTER quilt, 
knowing that TODAY was the day to baste it and plan my quilting ideas...
I laid it out this morning, and I thought, 
"Well, you know, It's plenty long, but it should be a bit wider..."

So I cut my strips, laid them out, then I thought, 
"well, that's a plain border, I can't  have that!"
So I got out all my extra half square triangles left over from this quilt, and....

Well, now I am sitting here sewing more HST's ...
Does this happen to you?

It's a serious problem, I know...

I thought I'd start showing you some pictures of my loft as we get things all put away...
I figured I'd start with My daughters room, as you know kids rooms, it may be clean for 5 minutes!

well, Boo's room, 
( She says it's OK for me to Call her BOO again, as everyone at school is now calling her that...
And I have been calling her that for the the get go!)
was clean, and it's on the fast train to messy, already, so I snapped a few pics before it's really bad.

I recovered her chair for starters... I bought this super comfy chair at a flea market in NYC long before I was married... Everyone has claimed this chair over the years, but it has become a staple in her room... a good place to sit and read....
Doesn't it look so much better!

With Stuffed doggies and all!
I bought her TWO shower curtains from Urban outfitters and made curtains out of them using fabrics from Tanya Whelan's line. This post of her's inspired Boo's room...

She had a mural on this wall, that we covered with Tanya's DOLCE fabric...
(she'll be thrilled that this was the only picture I could find for a BEFORE!!)

We were at TARGET one day and she found a wall sticker of the STATUE OF LIBERTY
that she wanted to put over her bed between the curtains...  I thought that was a pretty cool idea!
she then wanted the NYC skyline, so we searched and searched and I found this one above her mirror on ebay... it's Vinyl stickers by lucid graphics...

She thought it needed to top her mirror...
We turned her bookcase to face her desk area, not only does it look cool painted RED, but it hides a whole mess when you walk into her room! Brilliant huh?  hahaha!

She loves her room now...  She spends a whole lot of time laying in bed reading & listening to her tunes, really becoming a TWEEN.... yikes...

Today I should get my living room rug back form being cleaned.. then I will show those pictures...

I better get back to my HST's...  They are calling me!

I have a bag of Selvages here with someone name on it...
Whose name I don't know.
leave me a comment, and I'll pick a lucky someone to send them on to!


  1. wow!!! you did an amazing work with her bedroom!! I want one like that!!
    what a cool mama you are!

    ps. the chair makeover is awesome!

  2. Love B's new room! Perfect for a creative kid.

  3. Lucky girl! Great room. Lots of fun and practical ideas.

  4. i love the painting of you and B...that is so cool! I love the colors you and B choose for her room, how much fun!!

    your additional border of hst's is perfect!

  5. They grow up so fast. Her room looks great!

  6. I'm pretty sure that bag of selvages is calling my name :) I love how B's room looks. So colourful and so many great fabric highlights!

  7. Yes, It is a sickness and I'm laughing like crazy because I have it too. (Great minds think alike.) B's room looks great! Have a fab day my friend and happy sewing!

  8. Add a few HST here, an other border there and that is how crib quilts become queen sized!


  9. Love, love, love the border with the HSTs!! They really finish it off nicely. And I can say, from first hand experience, that her bedroom is just adorable. No wonder she wants to spend tons of time in there.

  10. Love the way her room turned out!

    Wanted to share that I have almost completed a wave runner quilt and will share photos later...I think I need to make it just a little bit bigger - I was ready to quilt it and decided it was too small, LOL!

  11. I love all of the bright colors in your quilt top! I bet those salvages are lovely too ;)
    Are you worried about covering the lovely new HST row with your binding or would you put an additional border on the other side of them?

  12. The room looks wonderful, I could live there. You have to love those old flea market finds that just serve their good long lives...

    I've been giving away my selvages and recently decided on some selvage projects I want to try, so I'll be e a happy camper if my number comes up!

  13. I'm noticing that Miss B has some medals hanging in her room, are they for dancing?
    Love the chair now, it looks very chic :D

  14. Yes, i have the half square triangles sewn the opposite direction to what is in the picture... I don't want to bind over the points so they are the other direction... will show you tomorrow! I'm off to baste now!

  15. Boo's medals in her room are for Tae Kwon Do... She is a black belt, and won state competition one year for her age group... ;-)

  16. I see a darling little fairy princess there! Great job ...

    Have a great day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  17. Ooooohhh a selvage giveaway ... I was just reading along, looking at the cool stuff you post, then I saw the word selvages! Fingers crossed. Great giveaway idea. I agree, yes the triangles were needed on your quilt.

  18. you just gotta piece bigger and bigger, doncha? looking great as is B's room. is that a painting(?) of you and baby boo?

  19. p.s. forgot to say, no selvages for me, thanks!

  20. Your star-splitter quilt is super cool!!

    Congrats on the re-dec project...we are doing some too, but not as closed to finished and fabulous as you are!!

    No thanks on the selvages...they intrigue me, but I'm sure someone already has a project in mind!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  21. I love the borders you added to the star looks great! I can't wait to see how you decide to quilt it!

    Selvages...sounds like a great prize...I would most likely pass it on to one of my friends who is collecting selvages for a project.

    (The loft is looking great by the way!)

  22. Ohh...the star splitter just gets better and better!! And Boo's room is great, especially the re-covered chair...we have one exactly like the 'before' picture...another project?! I'm always looking for places to hide mess too! P.S. no selvages for me either, thanks - I'm too fixated on lurid colours!

  23. What a great room! Did you do the painting of you and your daughter? It's wonderful! I love selvages - don't have anything planned yet, but I'm collecting. Thank you for the giveaway!

  24. Selvages pick me! I'd love some since my stash is packed up waiting to go overseas. Love the curtains you did and all the fun things in B's room. Keep going with the HST it'll make that boarder.

  25. hey there V. i'd love those selvages. all your hard work on BASICS looks great. i'm so glad the quilts are bringing some money. have a great week, m

  26. Lucky girl to have such a creative Mom. A room any girl would dream of having.

    LOVE the HSTs. Yes, sometimes I just want to be DONE with a quilt but I have to make it right...even if I don't want to do more work on it.

    Perhaps the bag of selvedges say Stephanie?

  27. B's room looks terrific! I firmly believe it's the little touches that make a room. The vinyl pieces are a great touch. We've been through the tween stage twice with one left. I like this stage before they get to the full blown teenage stage. The tweens hide out in their room but still come out occasionally. Some teenagers shut the door and never come out lol.

  28. love, love, love those hst's....people complain about them, but I find them easy-peasy and love the look! it's a perfect border for a wonderful quilt.

  29. I loooove the star splitter with the hst border. Who ever knew it could get even better that way?!
    I'd sure love to get your bag of selvages!

  30. Hi Victoria, I love everything you do! Thankyou for all the eye-candy and inspiration! Mary

  31. B's room is perfect for a tween!! Love all the color and personal touches. That chair redo is fabulous! I love how your star splitter quilt is coming along. The HSTs really give it a great touch. Of course, if my HSTs came out looking as good as yours, I'd add them to every quilt I made!

  32. Neato makeover. Wish I could stick at something and actually get it completed!!!!!!! Bet your 'tween' is pretty stoked. Love the chair 'specially and it has inspired me to get cracking on my sewing room boring ol' office chair. Oh, and I'd love to be considered for the bag of selvedges, even though I'm waaaay over here:) Ciao

  33. Oooo...I LOVE your quilt. That is AMAZING! It would be fascinating to get to see the fabrics in there. Inspirational.
    Your pictures are SO sweet to see.

    Thank you for sharing. VERY fun.


  34. I love Boo's bedding!!! :)
    Nice border with your HST's...adds so much to it!!! :)

  35. Boo's room is so cozy and livable! Believe it or not, I would love some selvages!

  36. I love her room, so fun and beautiful.
    I have a hard enough time sewing large pieces, never mind selvedges, lol.


  37. No selvedges for me! Just popping my head up over the parapet to say I love B's room.

    Yup - I do the it's not big enough thing and then find I've got a monster!

  38. ooooh what a fun room! I enjoy your blog...I'm from the Hamptons and love reading your 'summer' posts especially! ...never been a 'city dweller' but born in Brooklyn. 'Hey, you selvedges, come my way'!!!

  39. Wow I love the Statue of Liberty above her bed, very cool.
    The quilt looks great and I can't wait to see it finished.
    I have been itching to do something with selvedges and would love to win some.

  40. I could use more selvages, I won Karen Griskas book earlier this year but I have a small stash and not near enough selvages to use.
    Love the quilt you are making.

  41. Awesome makeover V. - did you say where you got the groovy chair fabric? (yes I said groovy) No selveges for me - just keep the inspiration coming! :)

  42. the chair fabric is Valori Wells home decorator fabrics...for free spirit...


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