Friday, September 10, 2010


Remembering 9.11

Have you seen any of the memorial quilts for 9.11?

I've had several emails lately asking what it was like to live in NYC when it happened...
I have very strong visual & sound memories from that day, I'll never forget...

That day I was out with my daughter in her stroller...
I had my video camera with me, and all I can really tell you,
Standing in the middle of 6th ave and 23rd St. ,
All traffic had stopped and people got out of their cars
and stood staring at the WTC. 
(rather like in the movies)
Smoke, clouds, and then just like that,
 a cloud drifted away, and the first tower completely disappeared before our eyes...
Not a sound. 
I ran quickly home with B, through the crowds of people, 
Sirens blasting were the only thing you heard...
and turned on my television as the second tower came down.

Ash covered the air, the smell ran all over the city,
And all was silent.

Little did we know that
my Stepson's godmother, Berry Berenson, was on flight 11
that crashed into the towers.

It was very hard to live here after that... 
New York changed. We all changed.

Please take a moment to think about every one's loved ones lost that day.


  1. Thank you...

    ...that was beautiful. We will always remember.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  2. It was a very sad and scary day. Even my little corner of the world was touched.

  3. A very powerful share. Thanks. We will always remember.

  4. We must remember them...and always do what we can to overcome division and hatred with love and understanding

  5. Regardless of where we live I think we all will forever remember what we were doing the moment this tragedy happened. I can't imainge the vivid memories of those who lived right in the midst of it.

  6. We will always remember and share the pain.

  7. I'm not American but I remember all of that day. All people must remember so that it never happens again. Thanks V.

  8. Thanks for sharing. New Yorkers took a terrible blow that day.

  9. I have had a strange feeling of anxiety and foreboding all week and now I know why. I will always remember the brilliant blue sky. I could not comprehend it then and I cannot now.Thank you victoria for moving forward.

  10. It must be an especially emotional day for you. I'm sure I won't ever forget that day, either. Big hug to you and your family.

  11. We can't stop ourselves from remembering. And the world deserves to be reminded.

    I lost some colleagues in the North Tower and made a memory quilt as well. It felt so inadequate, but I know the recipient appreciated it and that's what matters.

  12. On 9/11 we woke up with a phone call telling us to turn on the TV - my husband and I sat stunned, crying, watching the horror unfold on the screen - 3,000 miles away in Seattle and we cried our hearts out. It's a day we'll never forget. Today I spent the day making pillowcases for the facility where families of our wounded servicemen and women stay while their loved ones are recooperating...a day of service was the best we could offer. Thanks for your post - we love New York, and especially the spirit of people like you who live there. xo, Nan

  13. All around the world we remember...

  14. Beautiful post... Although not American, we lost a friend from school in 9/11. He was an extraordinary individual. Rest in peace Arron Dack...

  15. Thanks for sharing your memory of this day. I was on my way to my teaching job and heard it on the radio. I was struck by the quietness of the day after that. It was frightening and, yes, it changed us all.

  16. How terribly sad that Berry was killed that day.
    Here in England, I remember seeing events unfold on the TV news, no-one could believe what they were seeing. I was overwhelmed at the grief that was felt around our tiny Island,for our American cousins.

  17. I was heading back to The Netherlands on active duty after a quick weekend at home with my family. The impact across the world was immediate and felt by all. We will remember.

  18. we had been to NYC for the first time two months before 9/11 we were watching the Today Show as it was all happening and couldn't believe what we were seeing - I think we were all thinking of New Yorkers that day and the horror that was happening.

  19. I will never forget that day either - the sun here in Vancouver as bright as it was in NYC, the silence in the sky when all planes were grounded, the TV coverage ... I remember telling a co-worker that the world was going to change, and it has ... I hope we can all try to make it better and never forget.

  20. I haven't been around for a while so I'm going through you're old posts and ran across this one. I don't know if you're aware but Gander Airport Museum in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador Canada has several quilts on display in their 911 showcase. They're donated by the families of the people who were grounded in NL and some were made by local ladies for those who lost their lives. You should check it out!

  21. Wonderful post, Victoria. Thank you for sharing your story.
    We must never forget the events of that day, or the innocent people who lost their lives.


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