Sunday, September 12, 2010


A bit of play today! Finally a day to play with some fabrics... 
I'm not totally organized, but I HAD to sew,
you know how it goes!

I have had an urge to play with sugar skulls...  And anything day of the dead...
I know, I don't use novelty prints... but her! we all gotta break out of the box sometimes!
I have no project in mind for them, I made probably 4 different blocks, and perhaps they will all fall into one odd quilt... why not...

I happily dove into my small scraps bin, and played for my 15 minutes.

and then I went to work on some a strip for our NYC metro MOD guild group quilt...
The next meeting is October 2nd,at my place,  if any of you are in NYC! 
This play lead me to another project, (of course) that's the beauty of 15 minutes...

We ran up to the Museum of Modern Art today to see the Matisse show...
Glorious Show!  great time period of his work.
We also walked through the Modern galleries, 
and saw this QUILT by a German artist, 
Kai Althoff, Regulatory Reestablishment, 2000
Felt, Wool, Quilt and Wool...

Of course I had to it to check it out...

All three of us went to MAKE ... (pottery painting)
it's something my hubby did way back when we first started dating, 
and B and I have gone for years to make little treasures...
We were very serious about our little creations...
We get them back in 4 days.... Can't wait!

Isn't it so fun to MAKE Stuff?

I'm so happy I can make it through my studio to get to my machine and sew!
I've thought about all the projects I have to get finished, and it gets a little overwhelming...
Gotta make a few lists, and persevere!  Ideas are churning....

Happy sewing!


  1. Isn't it fun to try something different...sparks off more new ideas! Love the 'star quilt' cup!And I so sympathise with all the overwhelming stuff you have to finish!!

  2. oh my girls enjoyed going to the pottery places as well
    love the star on the mug!!!!
    I have to tell you how much I love your kitchen sink quilt
    when your tired of it you can send it to me!
    you know it will be treasured. what fun it would be to hand quilt and treat each block differently for quilting
    oh and all those different color threads would have to be used as well....


  3. G'morn, Victoria ~ What a wonderful & creative idea ... great gifts, too.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

  4. I like B's multi-colored nail polish! Creative, just like her mom.

  5. i think you can read my mind sometimes.. this week i also made up some scrappy 60 degree diamonds and was planning on a foundation- scrap pieced strip for our guild day we should just get together and play like bonnie & tonya did..

  6. ooh, the DotD blocks are so fun and wheee on the diamonds!!!

  7. Great creating, playing and having family time!


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