Sunday, August 29, 2010

sunday wrap up

As summer wraps up so do a few extra projects... 
This baby quilt  is a combo of NYC and JAPAN...
colors of both flags, and fabric prints from both cultures, some fun NYC prints, 
and taxi cab yellow....  This is a gift to the gal who gifted me her old Singer ....  
She's a real sweet person, and it will be for her nephew who is from NYC, 
living in Japan, with his wife and there second son on the way...

It's all sorts of reds and blues.... 
I know some read black, but they are really just navy blue colors...

I may add a few more brights around...
I used up every bit of WHITE I had... which is not very much...!!
So it was a fun challenge to myself try to make something with it...

I did the binding on B's little Butterfly quilt, and then whipped up a PINK one
for our granddaughter, who arrived today for one week visit from Seattle.

These little scrappy projects are just so fun to throw together... 
grab and use what you have... a little mini adventure...
They are all snuggled into their beds tonight, after a busy day of swimming.
Friends, family and sewing...

A good day indeed.


  1. More beautiful projects, wish I could sit down long enough to finish something;) I finally got in our pool, it was freezing, but felt good.


  2. I sure like what you did with those pinwheels. It's amazing what a nice border can do for a quilt!

  3. The pinwheels are great with those borders! Cute little quilt for your granddaughter. We went swimming in the middle of the lake with friends (94 degrees today!).

  4. Grreat! Like the pinwheels flew to Gee's Bend and back. Great little pink one too! Have a good week with your granddaughter! Looks like a lot of fun.

  5. love the baby quilt!
    oh have fun this week, always fun to have a little one around .
    wait to you see what I ordered you are going to love this project I plan on making :)

  6. The pinwheel quilt will be love for sure. What a lovely "swap". Very cute and colorful scrappy quilts. Have fun with your family!

  7. LOVE the pinwheels! :) and the minis too! Looks like you had the perfect weekend! Happy late summer!

  8. the swimming looks like fun!! And i LOVE the baby quilts... aw.


  9. the pinwheels are wonderful - love the border you've got going. glad ya'all are having fun and enjoying summer.

  10. Love the idea of the 2 countries being represented and the simplicity of the brick border. What more is there to life then the 3 basics, family/friends/sewing! Happy Tuesday, V!

  11. i have some spare white laying around here if you need some. *wink*


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