Tuesday, August 31, 2010

studio redo

6 days and counting....
I'm in NYC for Two days to get my loft in shape....  the construction as of today, of course, 
is not finished... !!!  (no surprise right?) 
So I am hoping to get everything else in order in the mean time...

My studio is getting a complete cleaning, and reorganizing everything...  
I took our old bookcases and lined them down one wall of windows,
so I have new fabric storage... Yippeee!
Except that the small cubes, don't fit all my nicely folded fabrics properly!  
Do I refold ALL of it, or shove it in and make it fit wonky???  

OH well... It will all work out... 
I hope to free up both of my WALLS, to have a nice hug a space for design walls....

ZOIKS! What a mess.. It gets very overwhelming, 
but I am trying to keep pushing through to get it all done... 
Now I have had my 3 minute break! sigh.
to be continued!


  1. one of favorite quotes: A creative mess is better than tidy idleness.

  2. amen... to beth's comment


  3. I LOVE your cubbyhole shelves! I covet . . . and truthfully, your studio doesn't look much different from mine, and there's been no construction going on at my house! Enjoy your last few days before the end of summer . . .

  4. I completely understand! Although it's been since January that I moved my sewing space down 2 sets of stairs into my new and lovely basement space, the memory of the move/mess is still fresh. It'll be a fabulous space once you get done. Would you like me to bring tea and fresh baked scones? I'll help organize.

  5. You´re so quick I´d bet you´ll use up half your stash before you put it in the shelves! Wonderful space, great natural light and a most creative owner will never leave it quiet and tidy and but always busy and operating!!!

    Never mind tiding up too much. When you go to heaven God will not ask you how tidy you´ve been but how much have you done.

  6. My vote is to transition to a new size fabric fold. Doing one color a weel will get you there. In my house that would be about 9 or 10 weeks. I do have special categories not relatedd to color.

  7. Wow!! All that light and space...it wil be a truly special place for creating! Note to self...do not covet thy neighbours studio!!

  8. My sewing corner is roughly 3 ft by 3ft and overspilling as it's getting filled up with books (and fabric). If I had that amount of space with all those shelves I'd be in 7th heaven. Forget the mess - enjoy it!

  9. OH look at all that natural light.......lovely.
    It will be great when done......keep your eye on the end game and keep working through it all.

    Its a great space V. and look at all the good things that you have done from there!

    Happy sewing

  10. refold it you will be happier in the long run
    what a wonderful wall of color that will be
    nothing better than design walls in mho!
    go for it

  11. You definitely need some help there. Maybe some quilting buddies... wink, wink... It will be great when it is done!

  12. You know what V, I think it looks creative and fun. You'll get it all sorted out to your liking. No worries. Just "create" your space. That's what you teach us! And don't forget to take breaks for those 15 minutes...or more!

  13. Love your space. You will have this whipped into shape in no time. I just posted a progress picture of my Hugs and Kisses that I got inspiration from you. I will be putting "hugs" all around the border. I'm making this for my little granddaughter. Once again, thank you for your inspiration. I really love your blog!!

  14. I love your mess, it validates mine. And I love your blog. I'm proud to "know" a generous person like you.
    I'm commenting to let you know that your blog listed on my dashboard still shows your conversion to the new blog site. (It says your last post was 3 weeks ago.) I don't know if it something on your side or mine... I'm fairly new to blogland.
    Love ya - want to be ya! Terri

  15. What a wonderful studio!!! The shelves for your fabrics are fantastic. I like the jack o lanterns and love the quilt that's on top of a pile of quilts with the yellow border and fuschia triangles.

  16. What a wonderful opportunity to create! Keep at it, and it will soon be done! The commentson refolding, yes, it'll bug you, but you don't have to do it all right now! I say, get the space as you want it first, then concentrate on the finer tuning after. Enjoy your last few days of summer vacation, wish I was closer to come help :)

  17. I love your mess and those big windows are simple fantastic!!

  18. so fun to see bits and piece of your studio. your second kitchen sink quilt is loads of fun. little dress forms - those could be creepy for Halloween along with those Jack O Lanterns! ooh, your fabric storage is wonderful. Refold all that fabric? oh my, yet another big undertaking.


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