Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunsets and 15 minutes

Finding Rhythm.

My mother, as I said, graciously helped me by joining 8 quilt tops 6 X6
of the pre cut 10.5" blocks you all have been sending.
This by the way, is a HUGE help.

Feel free to keep sending the precuts, backings and House blocks and bindings...
I can see I will be going through the load I have here faster than I had thought...

I had not planned on starting to finish these to 6 X 8 (60" X 80")tops,
But having the 8 tops lay there,I figured a few a day will keep me from leaving them til the last minute...
So i am figuring out how to incorporate the House blocks, and come up with 14 quilts for Auction, plus about 6 more that BASICS will sell at other various functions...

Yesterday, I rcvd these blocks from
Nancy, Janet R., and GiGi

Janet, Need your email address please...

If Nancy and Janet R have blogs, please let me know so I can link them.

Thank you So Much!!!

Keep them coming til April 30th!
Don't Forget that
Fabulous Amy Butler Fabric Giveaway!!!

Just have them to me by the end of this month and you will be entered!


As I applique away on the commission quilt, I still need to play a bit for myself!
So I Am trying to finish this little giftie for a friend...

And Today's
15 minutes of play


Definitely inspired by Anguilla's Sunsets....
My toes, thanks to my daughter choice of color!

these vintage blocks I found in Lancaster....
I love the colors...
Navy, pink, yellow, black... and SAND

I'm seeing another BIG quilt coming with this block...

From Hawaiian Sunset quilt to Anguilla's Sunsets...

Have a few quilt bee blocks I need to get to yet today,
so I better sign off and get working...

What will you do special
15 minutes today?


  1. How wonderful of your mom to help you out. Those quilts are coming together so quickly and pretty too.

    My 15 minutes will be spent making chocolate chip cookies for my kids today. I love to surprise them when they get home from school. MMmm I can smell them now.

  2. I need your address again for I have found a stack of 10.5" backing blocks. Where should I send them?


  3. Cute giftie! Luv the pink toes! Glad you had a good time and am glad your back! Happy sewing, girlfriend!

  4. Welcome back! I'm hoping to find a spare 15 minutes to shop thru my stash for some applique background fabric.

  5. Wow, your mum did some lovely work too! WTG Mum!!! Welcome back! My 15 minutes I went for a walk in the country park by my home, it was wonderful :) and now I'm playing with brown paper, paints and oil sticks! fun, fun, fun!!!

  6. The quilt tops are great and I love them. My 15 minutes of special time was spent wandering through a fabric store and gaining inspiration.

  7. These quilts are going to be gorgeous!
    Lots of nice reading on your blog.
    It is just wonderful to have a mom that sews! It skipped generations in our family. ;)

  8. So nice of mom to help!! Loving all the blocks. Love the Hot Pink toes! I wish I had 15 minutes.

  9. Wow!!! I love the house block quilts! Great way to use them! I better make a few more and send them in right away!! :) You look tan...nice! Makes me think of summer.

    15 minutes....I had a lot of 15 minute moments but they did not involve sewing! Perhaps I'll spend a few minutes doing so before bed!

  10. The tops are looking great and the blocks you are receiving are fantastic! What a great mom you have!
    15 mins you say???haha! It's 1:30am and I'm trying to make my way to bed after a long day!LOL!
    Glad you had a great vacation! Looking forward to ours this summer-is it summer yet?

  11. Oh oh!@ LOVE the pink toes!!! I just stupidly wrote a whole post about nail polish and its happiness-making qualities - hehe Great minds...


  12. I sat in the swing with my sister at dusk in her back yard in TX just enjoying nature and quiet!

  13. Hi Victoria,
    Glad to see you got my blocks. My e-mail address is linked to my name. I thought I had you on my list to follow but guess I didn't. You're on there now.
    You're getting lots of blocks - wow that's great!


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