Monday, April 5, 2010

home again.

Home again....

Not a stitch of sewing happened in the past week.
Can you believe that?

Although the manager of our Hotel, pointed out that there was indeed a quilter on Anguilla!
Carol Richardson... was hoping to pop over to her studio,
but I couldn't drag my lazy backside out of the sand!

I did read my brains out laying in the sun, and swimming in the ocean....
The Hotel we were at, had a library of books so as I finished my first book,
The Reliable Wife,(good trashy read) I turned that one over to them
and picked up The Glass Castle.
Wow. it rattled me to the core. probably changed my look on life eternally) fantastic.
Then I read, Olive Kitteridge... Also very good.
Interesting choice of books... then one last pick up from the airport...
The Guernsey Literary and potato peel pie Society...

I noticed a load of people reading THE HELP, by Kathryn Stockett...
might need to pick it up...
must be a good lay around the pool sort of read also...

Mary R.
Ann Marie

I Had Lovely packets waiting for me when I got home!
Not just house blocks but loads of pre cut 10.5" squares!
Since my mother, while I was away, sewn together 8 tops of the first lot of pre cuts that I had!
A great start! Thank you Mother!

I had a few more of my One block Over Bee blocks waiting for me too.
so those went straight up on the wall so I could see them...
My camera went ka-flooie just today! Better today than on my trip!
Oi! oh well. it seems ot be s ticking and being difficult... hopefully it's not full of sand!

I hope to crank out a few more of these blocks this week...
Yum. Makes me SOOO happy!

It's nearly 80 degrees today in NYC! Gotta get this paper work done...
Thanks again to all of you for your lovely emails this past week. It helped hearing all the lovely words as I reached the top of that (40) "HILL!"

And, as a parting pic, this guy was wondering around,
outside Macy's just before we left for the Caribbean...

Makes you smile, don't it?
(and perhaps, shake your head?)


  1. So glad you had a good time! I love hearing what other people are reading. I'm reading A Reliable Wife right now, and so far, I'm not all that impressed. I could have done without all of sex fantasies. I'm not against sex in a book - his view on it really struck me as extremely self-indulgent - I wanted to scream TMI!

    I've started both The Glass Castle and The Guernsey Literary and potato peel pie Society - couldn't get into either. Maybe I'll give The Glass Castle another try.

  2. Hi Victoria,
    I have been following your blog and plan on making some house blocks and getting them into the mail to you by the end of the month. What you have completed so far looks great.
    I also read the Glass Castle some years back and couldn't put the book down!

  3. I loved the Potato Peel Pie book! :) I laughed and I cried! :)

  4. Glad your home safe. I love coming home to surprises. The help I may have to go find that one also. Take care and enjoy.

  5. Love those Flock of Geese blocks!

  6. Welcome back! What a fabulous way to celebrate your birthday, complete with lots of squishy mail when arrive home. Happy sewing!

  7. Victoria,
    Belated birthday greetings - it sounds like you had a fabulous restful time. Nothing like a good trashy novel to read on the beach.

    I loved The Help- it is one of the best books that I have ever read.
    I have started the Guernsey Literary book and have not read either The Reliable Wife or the Glass Castle. Thanks for the recommendations.

    Happy quilting,
    Warmest regards,

  8. Those photos look like Heaven. I want to sink my arse in some warm sand too!

    Thanks for the book recommendations. I'll keep them in mind.

    Back to sewing...? Not much of that going on around here lately either.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful trip.
    The blocks and precuts are wonderful.


  10. Welcome home, Victoria! I love that you could not stitch while gone but am glad you are back so I can see all the beauty you will be creating. The quilt blocks on your design wall are beyond breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May this year be marvellous!

  11. Happy Birthday, Victoria!
    Long time no comment I know. I had to say I have read most of the books and I LOVED Glass Castle and the Potato Peel Books and I double loved The Help. I was sad when I reached the last page. I would love to make a few house blocks for you... I will try! Have a great week. Debbie

  12. Your One Block Over quilt is going to be sooooooo beautiful. I love the block and I love the colours. You are one creative mama!

  13. Hey V, Your blocks look great with the red sashing! Love the little blue, pink, and yellow blocks. And that little blue quilt on the wall on the left looks good too! I'm glad your back! Happy sewing!

  14. Hi -
    Good reads, have read them all myself. Just finished "the Help" - very good, also was life altering in the way I'll think of the subject from now on.
    love the Macy's man....only in NYC


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