Sunday, March 21, 2010

The loot

Why don't we have half priced books (store) in new York? Shelly, her
mother and I, rumaged the quilting section for some fun finds! I took
home two books... Lots of old beauties with some quilts I have not
seen published before...

Picked up some sale yardage, some fabric for new pillowcases for my
bed, and some RED with pink for sashing my sunset blocks!!! Yipppee!!

We had such a nice time, the kids played their brains out, while we
just relaxed and chatted... No sewing at all! Can you believe it??

We head home tomorrow and since the snow is now gone.... It will be in
the sixties... So we get just a teeny taste of warm Texas!

The only thing left to do is, see the spot JFK was shot... B studied
him, and can tell you anything you want to know about him, so we can't
miss seeing THE very spot...

I picked up the antique quilts issue by Better Homes and gardens....
I'm all geared up to run home and make the cover brown and pink star
quilt.... Yeah, that one and about 20 others.... :-) vacations are
good for rebooting....
Happy sewing!!!

And thank you , Shelly and your family, for a great weekend!!!
See y'all soon!!


  1. What a fun outing. I am jealous. My oldest daughter's birthday is tomorrow so we are out and about I only hope the weather cooperates. Oh well even if it does not it will be fun. Your blog is great.

  2. V, It was a fabulous time! We got to eat mexican food, shop for fabric, laugh til we cried, and let the kids run wild. You just can't have more fun than that with your clothes on! You and B have a safe trip home and enjoy the rest of your spring break! (And say hello to M too!)Happy quilting my fabulous friend!!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. Hooray for friends! I love that fabric on the left - is that going to be your pillowcase? Beautiful!

  4. yay! Half priced books is my favorite store of all times!!! I hope you enjoyed some good ol' texas hospitality :) we are known for it you know


  5. Hey Victoria, what a lovely time out and great finds, I do love a good inspiring holiday and good mag to end it, can't wait to see your 20+ creations lol

  6. I have The American Quilt Story book and it is one of my faves! Great find!

  7. Always fun to hit new stores while on vacation. Looks like you got some wonderful goodies and everyone had a good time.


  8. Some nasty person has spammed you. Gawd I hate it when that happens!

    Lots of lovely goodies

  9. i cruise the quilt section of half price books too. there are some treasures there!


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