Tuesday, March 23, 2010

house blocks galore!

I came home last night to some very fat packages of house blocks!
thanks AGAIN to BARBARA , she has sent two packages filled with blocks... thank you!
Also as fabulous, is
Deanna, Vicki and Mary Kay! All these blocks came from these 4 ladies!
you guys rock.
I met with BASICS before I went to Dallas, and we are going to put a few more quilts together for several of their fundraisers with these as well as donating them to families..
SO thank you so very much...
now if I had a long arm machine, I could really crank these out...

Well I tell you Texas color, Texas Weather, Texas Friends...have made a
big soft spot on my heart!
People are so friendly!
no one is a stranger...
I heard that more than once!

our kids had a blast, and me and Shelly and her family
had some good old laughs...

The only difference between New Yorkers, and Texans, in March?
We don't dig our flip flops out until June~!
thank God, I wore my boots!

Now I gotta get my butt the doc,
then pack
and we are off tomorrow, for DC....


  1. Such great blocks. Everyone is so kind and generous. Mine are on the way. Have a safe and happy trip.

  2. I'm happy you have had a so great weekend. Meet friends are the nicer thing!

  3. It was indeed a wonderful visit! My only question is are you ready to sell everything and move to Texas? Have a wonderful trip to DC. Happy sewing!
    p.s. I have my flip-flops on today too!

  4. hahaha I wear my flip flops year round :) but I also didnt expect all the snow we've had!


  5. I am glad my blocks made it and will be put to good use.

    Enjoy your trip.

  6. great house blocks!
    lovely photos -
    speak for yourself on the flip flops - mine are out for the season!
    hope you're having fun

  7. Glad you got my blocks! Have fun in D.C.

  8. You are going to be busy this summer with all the house blocks you are receiving! Love the difference between the two pairs of feet! I've been enjoying the flip flops but soon will be putting on my snow boots.

  9. Another trip already? - take care of yourself and have fun! Loved White House tour but you need ticket from congressperson ahead of time.
    Got home from retreat tonight and leaving for AZ tomorrow. Whew.


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