Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow day

Shelly a few weeks ago, sent me some tiny insane triangle blocks that I could put into my
Kitchen sink quilt. I did put one into the quilt, but the other 5 were so darn cute
that I made it into a 9 patch added the pink border,
and sent it back to her with a note saying,
"ROUND ROBIN! You're it!"
She in turn added the purple Kaffe border and the Bari J triangles and appliques
and sent it back to me.
We're on round three now...
And I just added the triangles stripe borders and the bows.

I've never done a round robin before, and I have to say, I love it!
And she's been a good sport, since I sort of sprang it on her... ;-)

I got a BIG box back from Linda today!
Inside the box was also an old top (above) I had,
and asked Linda to quilt it for me... It's so sugary sweet!
I love all the feathers she did on it...
Also in the box:
ALL 8 SIS BOOM POW kids quilts!
They look fantastic! What fun it will be to donate these glorious quilts!

Our snow day has been a quiet one... (not much snow) not worthy of a no school day,
but what are you gonna do... I think we got 4"... It's still snowing, but lightly and blowy...

B had been wanting to work on a small quilt... I tried to steer her to do a quilt based on Tonya's Amish liberated, but she would have none of that... I let her loose in my solid scrap bin, and she pulled out the little red and yellow triangles, I has sewn together... That inspired her to make it into a circus theme....

She pulled all my golden scraps, and had to piece them together, making sure the seams would then be hidden behind her seal. She found a picture of a seal, we enlarged it, and cut it out, and now she will have to learn some hand applique. She is begging me to do it, but, nope, mom said, time to learn a little applique!

Hope the rest of you winter storm people aren't to buried in snow!
Stay warm!


  1. I'm squealing and clapping my hands, cause I LOVE it! It looks FABULOUS! You rock! I can't wait to get it back! Happy sewing, my friend!

    p.s. Isn't this just about the most fun you can have with your clothes on?
    p.p.s. Luv the feathers on the fan quilt. Happy binding the JP quilts!

  2. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  3. Great round robin quilt! I am with you, the day hasn't been worthy of a snow day for school. It didn't start snowing here until 1:00 and like yours has been little and blowing. But a great day to stay inside and do exactly what you did.

  4. Cool way to start a round robin! I love what each of you are adding to that project. What an exciting box to get, with that gorgeous fan quilt and the kids quilts! Sounds like you guys had a very productive "snow" day. Stay warm!

  5. So much quilty goodness! That Round Robin is looking fantastic! And that old fan quilt is just spectacular - sugary sweetness is right.

  6. What a fun round robin - it's cuter than cute!
    Wish I could help with the binding on the Sis Boom quilts.
    B's going to be a master quilter in no time.

  7. I loooooove them all ... especially your daughter's creation.

  8. Wonderful quilts and perfect day to stay in and create.


  9. If you want snow, come to Baltimore cuz it snowed for the past 24 hours....there's now 5 foot drifts on my front lawn. I'm starting to think that is a bit much.

    Love the round robin!!

  10. Oh Wow! So much in one post, and snow as well.Now that's the best Round Robin I've ever seen! Not a huge fan of the style, but recently read a Jennifer Chiaverni book about one and it captured my imagination again. (I also lent the book to Mum, and got her a little bit hooked although she's not a quilter.) I wish my daughter took an interest in sewing... Ann :)

  11. I wish DD would start sewing. She's got a really good eye for colour and would be a brilliant quilter as she's so precise (unlike her Mother). Owever, let's get the exams over and done with first and perhaps I might be able to persuade during the grand vacances.

    Snow Day here today - about 2 cm of snow, but black ice.

  12. So incredibly delicate looking! I love it too!
    So the snow didn;t get there, but it could have and here in Ontario last year, we got snow and when it comes during rush hour and children coming home from school I wished we had had more snow days!

  13. The Round Robin is looking fantastic! Which one of you is going to get to keep it? Or will it have to rotate between houses?

    It's so great that B wants to quilt, and is learning so young. I have 2 daughters, and only just now does my youngest one want to give it a whirl (she's 25). I just loaned her my little Janome and she joined in my mother's diary quilt-along. I don't know if it will stick after this first one or not.

  14. Wow this is one colorful and beautiful post this B's circus seal!

    The Round Robin is looking great, what happens with it when you decide it's "done"?

  15. I LOVE the Round Robin!! :) It's a delight to the eyes... and I am very impressed with the circus theme... how cool is that! :) Sounds like you were having a great snow day.

  16. What a great snow day! And that round robin is just fab! Love those bows :)

  17. B is doing brilliantly! I love watching kids create!


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