Tuesday, February 9, 2010

little of this and that

Linda told me the 8 kids quilts for Sis Boom POW!
are in the mail and on their way back to me!
I can hardly wait! I need to cut bindings for them, and be ready for a sew day
here at my place March 6th... If your in the hood, stop by and help! ;-)

I quilted this other baby quilt today so there will be 9 for donations total...
Makes me so happy!

I just had a call from B's school, saying they were closing school tomorrow! I guess I should watch the weather more closely! they are anticipating a lot I guess! right now it's sunny, and blue skies! wont' it be funny if we only get an inch or two... I may be eating my words tomorrow... we'll see what we actually get! exciting! I better go buy some food! zoiks!

Waverunner II ....Bound and out of the wash.... I'm letting this air dry nice and flat...
I had to hang it up to get some light on it to photograph it...
SO NOTE: the top is actually STRAIGHT, but it's still damp and hanging from a pin,
that's why it looks wonky crooked...

Thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday on this quilt. I'm SOOOO happy with it...
But it's nice to hear others like it too... Now I need to decide what to do on the other one... Not sure If I want to do the same quilting on the other waverunner...
I may wait til I know for sure...

oh, and, Yes, I marked the first 16 rows, which gave me a 12" circle... This part wad very slow going.... Lots of quilt to turn round and round....

Then I quilted the rest by sight....

Good question! Thanks for asking!

I had to play with this quilt a bit more today... (Feels like grandma's house)
As I had said, it was inspired by
Lori's cheese and cracker quilts, but mine took a serious left turn...
It started to have a feeling of my grandmothers house, so I took off on the thought...
Now that parts of it are sewn together, the more I look at it, it is starting to resemble her Rocking chair that she sat in every day... so I am leaning toward that feeling...
just following my gut... it will be what it is...

And lastly, after all the crazy amount of sewing I did the last couple days, my machine was making some funny noises.... I always clean it before I start a project,
but I don't always clean the whole underneath....
If your not mechanically inclined, don't remove the bottom of you machine...

If you are, go ahead and give it a quick clean up sweeping out the dusty goo with a paint brush... but don't remove all the thick oil...
save that for when you take it for a thorough professional cleaning...

No more funny noises! yippeee!


  1. Another wonderful baby quilt, I really like the brown fabric.
    Wish I was closer to be able to help out with the binding.
    Hope you don't get too much snow and have a great day with B.


  2. Loving how your "Grandma's House" quilt is evolving. Very cool...working those applique rose blocks in too!

    Oh my honey, the quilting is fantastic on the Waverunner. I think you have just kicked it up a notch!

    And that installation from yesterday? Love it!

  3. I was admiring your waverunner yesterday, but forgot to comment,and since then, I've been wondering if you did the circles (or spirals?) freehand or did you mark the whole thing? either way, it looks great.

  4. You're on the upper edge of the next storm coming thru so stock up on some food.....and I LOVE the wave runner....I'm seriously going to try and work on mine tommorrow when the snow is coming down!

  5. Your Wave runner looks really, really good! (It looks very flat too.) Yipee! Well done!
    Happy sewing on your snow day!

  6. Your waverunner quilt is beautiful! I love the colors, the quilting, everything! That was such a fun project to do. What's your next assignment for us?!

  7. Hey super quilter! Your quilts are looking great, love the colors in the waverunner!

    An look at what's under the gears in your machine!!! I wonder... I guess I aught to take a peek in mine, I do stick the vacuum high presure hose in there occasionally!

  8. You are just cooking V! That Waverunner II with that awesome quilting leaves me speechless!

  9. I love that brown fabric and the nine patches. Your quilting is just great on the wave runner. No wonder you love it. And the snow...it's for you. You were a little too happy you missed that last blast.

  10. Thanks for the machine tip - really must take the bottoms off mine and give them a really good clean out. I think they need it.

  11. Oh I didn't know that about the bottoms of the machines...my sweetie is so mechanical, I will get him to look/see.
    I love the quilts you make, always different colours...Brown, who would think it could be so absolutely lovely on a baby quilt?
    Waverunner has no words to expelain its beauty.
    We seem to have escaped the snow storm here in Ontario, hope you are cozy and just looking out the windows ..

  12. Love your quilting on the wave runner!
    great quilt


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