Saturday, February 13, 2010

HUGE Thank you's

Happy Saturday!

First of all, A HUGE thank YOU to all of you
who are offering to help with the house blocks.
I am so excited about this project, I get a little emotional!

The project, I hope will grow, as I have bigger plans to help this organization.
But for this moment. We'll start with these lovely house quilts....

Some have asked about
gathering blocks and mailing them all together
, Absolutely!
The more the merrier!

Some have asked about
if you gather enough to make a quilt top
and send that,
That works for me too.

But don't feel you have too.
Part of the fun for me is putting these all together too.
So I am Very happy with one block or 15 etc..

I am quite happy with one block. thank you for opening up your hearts.

I'll be accepting blocks for a while,
so it will be my summer project getting them together...

Click link at right for the gather for original post and pattern
(or here)

Other things are happening around here...

The First Waverunner has gone under the needle.
I wanted to try something different on this top.
It's still a work in progress after two days of sewing on it...
I think I may run some hand quilting through it now with some perle cotton...

Some small itchy finger sewing... I did this before I worked on the waverunner to try a few different techniques... It was very helpful to do this, and it turned out really cute!
That was a bonus! This will be in the mail to someone, soon.

Not only is tomorrow Valentines Day!
It's is the start of the Lunar New Year also!
Happy Year of the Tiger!
I'm sure B is anxiously awaiting her Red envelope....

And I actually got B's New Year Blanket done in plenty of time! yippee!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I pulled "scraps" and some fat quarters to build houses today while we wait for the snow to melt!

    Year of the Tiger aye...isn't that the title of a 80's song? Have a great new year...I'm sure B will love her new quilt!

  2. Hello: I'd like to make at least one house square. Did you post where to mail the house square to? I couldn't find it! Thanks, Wendy in Kansas

  3. Your wave runner is coming along nicely! B's quilt looks great too. Enjoy your sewing weekend! We'll be talking.

  4. I've started gathering some fabric and I have the instruction ready to get started. Tomorrow will be the day. Thank you V for putting this together!

  5. Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xin Nian Kuai Le ! It's homemade jiaozi time!
    Happy Days from Tokyo!

  6. Hi V...I absolutely covet your waverunner quilt. just beautiful!

    B's quilt is awesome as well. such a lovely post!!

    I have an orphan house block from a house quilt I made my measures 8x8...if I sash it to 10.5 would you be interested in it? I also plan to make AT LEAST one house block from your tutorial as well. im glad you mentioned that you will be collecting the house blocks for a to do list seems mountainous right now!

  7. Happy New Year - to B
    I love her new quilt - close up photos please!
    Today is my 23rd wedding anniversary too - and the Olympics? what a fun filled day.
    I have to look up the Chinese Calendar, I think I'm a tiger.... what does that mean?
    good things, I'm sure.
    Happy Sunday and Valentines Day too.

  8. Love B's Happy New Year blanket. I ♥ red!

    I made 3 house blocks tonight. They were fun and easy. Your directions were great; I'm a visual learner, so the pictures were very helpful. When's the deadline? I'm going to see if I can make some more before I mail off an envelope to you.

  9. Oh I'd love to make a little house too...hope I have the time.
    Love the wave runner. It's the colours that just grab bright and cheery.

    I have a project in my head, and what with the Olympics on all the time, it's gonna be hard to work at sewing!


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