Friday, February 12, 2010

Block gather!

Bumble Beans
BASICS home gather

Wanna join us?
scroll down

If everyone from my following list makes one block, that's a lot of blocks!
Howmany quilts do you think we an make??


  1. Sorry V - I'm going to have to duck out of this one. Got far too much on my plate as it is.


  2. So darn CUTE and you've been turning them OUT since last night!!! I pulled fabric and when I get out of this pesky job for the weekend I'll whip some up!

  3. I'm in for a few or more...i can probably talk some people into making some here in Kansas...and i'll collect them and send to you want them to be the same pattern you have shown or any house pattern if 10.5"? thanks, marc

  4. I'd love to, but I'm afraid I'm too much of a newbie and it would look all wonky. :\

  5. Ok, OK. After reading it for two days, I jumped up and made one. Where do I send it?

    Sara Homeyer
    photo at

  6. OOPS! I put my chimney on the wrong end of the roof.

    O well, not all houses are the same anyway.

  7. So very cute. I think it might be worth a try. I've never made them, but can almost, almost follow a pattern.

  8. I think I can handle a couple! 700 Quilts--that's a tall order! I'll get the done and in the mail toute suite!

  9. I'm in for as many blocks as I can get done this weekend! Please let me know where I can send them.
    Applaud your efforts.....XOX


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