Thursday, January 7, 2010


Shelly from shelly quilts and I are doing our 5th project together.
Paula Prass donated some fabrics for another donation quilt project, So we decided to divide the fabrics, and Shelly would do half and I would do half, I'll then piece it, She'll quilt it, and we donate it...
We decided on these little snowball blocks, and we would add whatever we wanted for the corners.... her blocks are in the mail to me so I thought I'd better get on the ball and get some of them done... I have 25 here, probably another 25 to do.
You can see hers here (click), The ya re so bright and fun! They go together pretty darn quick too...
Shelly actually kept her clipping and sewn together the tiny triangles you cut off... I'm sorry to say, mine went on the floor!
You should see my floor! Thank goodness I sweep every night!


Here are the 8 kids quilt tops for Sis Boom POW! gather DONE! (click here for more info) Pheew! I recv'd some more fabrics from Jennifer today, so I ripped open the box and started piecing them all together... Some are pretty scrappy and I will have to piece back also, as I am using up every scrap she sent me. Thanks Again Jennifer!

I was playing with my scraps as I was attempting to clean off my cutting table today, I like the block but not the colors, so guess what?

It know lives in the Kitchen sink quilt! (click)

It's sort of Where's Waldo thing, Can you find it?
It sure filled that space in nicely! Less crazy piecing!
The funny thing is I am running out of places to fill! And I keep finding more old blocks, or making something, not liking it and adding it into the quilt... Will it ever end?
I need to start a pile of ones made from this year to start the 2010 quilt...that might help.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I need a kitchen sink quilt! I have orphan blocks everywhere.

  2. Love the Sis Boom Pow quilts :) and also your blocks with Shelly! Lady of the Lake slips in there nicely, like she was meant to be. This is on my list of To Do one of these days :) sea greens and turquoise :)

  3. V, Your snowball blocks look great! I'm afraid my blocks are not in the mail quite yet. These little half-square triangle blocks are kicking my tail!! I'm finishing them up today, I promise. (I need the little buggers out of my life.)
    Your kitchen sink is HUGE! It will be great to see it finished.
    The JP quilts are too cute for words. You are amazing, my friend. Happy sewing!

  4. I first saw the snowballs on shelly's blog. How wonderful for designers to donate fabric and for you ladies to make and donate quilts. Terrific team.

    I LOVE Where's Waldo!!! :o) I had orphans blocks years ago...all fall-ish...I put them together in my Pumpkin Soup quilt.

  5. Love the kitchen sink! I think I may need to start another one of these orphan quilts....

  6. Love the snowball quilt. What a great block for those fabrics and colors. Sounds like another fun charity quilt project.

    Clever idea to put extra blocks or not your favorite blocks in a kitchen sink quilt!

  7. Great work V! You and your quilting friends are amazing. Love the snowball quilt great. I have a box of scraps if you want them ;) The baby quilts are so sweet too.....

  8. 1) Valdo is in heaven and loves it there.
    2) I´ll keep your advice in mind. Apliquee works like layers of paint.

  9. Oh, don't those bright colors look great this time of year! Like oranges.
    the baby quilts are sooo cute.

  10. Seriously, I get tired just reading your posts. You get so much done every day it's amazing. And beautiful.

  11. I have been SO busy but been stopping by everyday to check your progress on The Kitchen Sink...FABULOUS!!! You make my heart smile!

  12. That quilt is going to be soooooo awesome! Can't wait to see it finished. It's amazing that all your "rejects" match enough to make that quilt great -- that would never happen for me -- I'm too "all over the place".

  13. love that Kitchen Sink. You're doing Y-seams???? eek.

  14. last block you threw into kitchen--center of it is a pretty big piece of real estate, so perhaps add another orphan block or other such applique on top of it? just my humble opinion and a chance to include even more stuff.

  15. Wow V, you have been super busy, I love what you have been making, and your kitchen sink quilt is looking incredible! xo

  16. your kitchen sink quilt is mindblowing. it's just fabulous!!!


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