Friday, January 8, 2010

a day of play

Well, I feel I put a big week in... I'm so happy to have the kids quilts done. I got a big patch of the kitchen sink quilt done, a few others finishes, so today I just wanted to play...
I cleaned my cutting table off, then made a mess of it again playing in my scraps and doodling in some machine quilting...

I put this little Mini quilt together for a friend, whose been very helpful and kind, so that will be put in the mail today...

I had packed up the Christmas stuff and took the Santa runner and put that away, and my daughter said I just had to find something else fun for the hallway table. I said what holiday would you like me to make something for?
She said, "Valentines, mmmmmm, NO,
Martin Luther King day!"

So be it! What fun to put it together!

It's been a good play day...
It's been a good week.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I have enjoy reading and seeing your new quilts. How fun! I really like the one that you have on your design wall( with many different blocks).


  2. Gosh you're quick! I just love your latest mini and the MLK runner. What a great idea B had!

  3. Cute! Your machine quilting looks good! Have a good weekend! Happy sewing, my friend!

  4. Oh how I love coming here to see what you're up to next. Wonderful and inspirational. Thanks V.

  5. Great hall runner and an inspiration to me. My hall runner is an old rag next to yours.

  6. Although we don't celebrate MLK Day here, I think it fantastic to think of decorating for holidays like that.


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