Monday, January 4, 2010

Rock and Roll, baby

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Absence from my sewing machine has sparked my motivation!
Here is one AAQI(click here) quilt I started last night... It started with a thought about old traditions in quilting, new ways and possible futuristic ways... Then, this morning as I sat with B at breakfast she said, you should put words on it,
Forget the past, Enjoy the presence, be Hopeful for the future...
I think it's fitting... So when I quilted it, I put feathers in a traditional pattern around the outside, cross hatched the middle over the waverunner like bits, and then overlaid strips in a modern design over the whole thing...
I'm very happy with the way it turned out...
I hope you all make at least one to send in to Ami!!

I am just finishing the binding on the little tile one I also did for AAQI...
I love how the quilting puffed up all the appliques...

Speaking of my tiles quilt. I did finish all the appliques over the Christmas break... I was excited to get home and finish it as I knew I had the border already cut for it... You may recall this picture (here) Well, do you think I could find those border anywhere???
I searched through everything in my studio at least three times looking for them this morning...
Then I started to think, what on earth would have done with them...

I knew it was the same fabrics I had used in the Chinese new Year top, but only tiny bits... I knew I had used the same red in the doll quilt I just finished, (first for 2010!) but that was only a tiny bit as well... then as I went to my kitchen, there laying on the sofa was my Xmas log cabin quilt (here)... and guess what? there was my borders for my tile quilt... duh! and do you think I can find anymore of that fabric??? NOPE... oh well.. I had to order something new now...

But, the good news is, I found a lot of orphan blocks that have now made it into my Kitchen sink quilt(click here).... It's a big mama, let me tell you, right now it's at 100 X 94" I want to try to bring it out to 97" so it will fit nicely over my bed... I'd say I have 1/2 of this pieced... and another half to go... I make take one day this week and just work on it all day... I need my wall back so It needs to get done!!

I got the borders on this Oopsie quilt(click here)... Just need to find a backing... appliques are done.

I was happy to see when I got home, that this arrived... I won it on ebay. The squares are the size of a penny.... Isn't it fabulous!! no holes, or tears.. perfectly lovely.

And lastly, Pheew, I know a long post today... Joanna at applique today (click here) made this very cute mini waveruuner....
I love the colors!


  1. Lots of inspiration here today!!! WOW! I love your kitchen sink. HOpe you get that day to work on it!

  2. Loads to see today! Love the little AAQI past present and future quilt, it's lovely. And the Opsie quilt just gets better each time I see it :) Good luck with the kitchen sink, hope you get that day :)

  3. Fabulous stuff! Your quilting looks great! I can't wait to see Kitchen sink quilt together. Luv the ebay quilt! You rock, my friend!

  4. Rock and're not kidding!
    Very inspiring the tile quilt!

  5. Holy Schmoly!! You are rolling right along. I love the tile quilt, just beautiful.

  6. Great inspiration today. Your quilting is looking great! I am determined to finish more in 2010.

  7. Oolala, I love that first one! Love the mix of colors and layers and quilting. I love how your tiles are coming along too, especially that first one with the blue and green on brown. Very artsy!

  8. Great mini quilt, the feathers are lovely! I think you should just buy the whole bolt the next time you find a chinese red fabric that you like.

  9. You're on fire woman! The kitchen sink is looking incredible (did you know you typo's it as 'kitchen sick'? Freudian?) Great stuff!

  10. Great AAQI quilts. Love them. Great quilt find on Ebay. I love the mini waverunner Joanna did....also like the straight line quilting...hope she doesn't mind if I copy looks great. Happy New Year.

  11. V - the first AAQI is wonderful. I wonder if you are going to be able to part with it. I know I wouldn't.

  12. great new little quilt.
    Love the kitchen sink quilt -

  13. Hey V!
    Do I spy one of my nine-patch blocks in the kitchen sink. Very cool. What fun this piece is.

  14. Wow! Can you get stuff done or what?!! Love the kitchen sink idea! Brilliant!

  15. You are a wonderful inspiration with your creativity and productivity. Thank you for pushing me along and helping me think outside the box.

    I'm currently in the process of packing for a move in a couple of weeks. So maybe in Feb. I'll have a few quilts for Ami.

    Have a wonderful and blessed day V.!

  16. That kitchen sink quilt looks like you planned it. It just seem like everything works.


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