Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Here's the second little AAQI (click here)quilt finished... I called it "Memories",
as it includes so many things that make up a family and home...fragments here and there...

These are so satisfying to make...
Please note that they collect these all year long...

so if you can't help make one now, please put it on your "List of things to do"

Giant free pieced Monster aka: Kitchen sink quilt (click here).... I put 4 hours into it today...
As I was attaching one last piece, I put it together, stitched it, then thought,
Oh! that was wrong... and I ripped it out.. only to realize, it was right in the first place....
That's when you know you've hit your limit for the day on one project....

that piece on my lap
fits into the Giant Free Pieced Monster below....

Thankfully some of the bits left on the wall are sewn together already... but many joining and filler pieces are yet to be figured as I sew along trying to make it all fit together...
Some of you may recognize some left over blocks from the 9 patch gather quilt
(remember that quilt, click here), way back when...
Lots of memories here for sure!

Since I am taking a break on that quilt, I am about to start sewing together the SIS BOOM POW! blocks for the latest donation quilt.
We've decided to make them into
8 baby/kids blankets,
and I hope to get two tops sewn together today... I really want to get them pieced this week...
It's just sashing 6 blocks each... I think they will go quickly.

You can pop over to the blog for these to see all the blocks, and other postings. Click here.
or at the logo at the top right...Lollipop flowers image...

I had two old quilt tops here that I cut backs for today also. I'm happy to have them on there way to be quilted soon. they are great funky tops...

And this block was done for the One Block over Quilt bee(click here)... I'm still trying to decide what block I want for this bee.... I have March, so I better get crackin' figuring it out.
I actually followed a pattern for this! Aren't you proud of me! ;-)

Happy Sewing!


  1. That "monster" of yours is stunning. It must be great to see it all come together. Maybe one day, I will be brave enough to start something like that. Something that will have a pieces of many quilts. :)

  2. Gosh you've had a busy day! LOVE, love, love that checkerboard quilt, and that wee little block is so darn scrummy! A pattern - congratulations, I'm really proud of you :)

  3. Wow, you certainly accomplish a lot in one day. Love the memories quilt.

  4. Ok, my list can handle a little quilt...maybe I can even get it done this weekend!

  5. I see a couple of the little blocks I sent you. Fun! That thing is huge!. Luv the AAQI quilt. You got alot done today! Give yourself a big pat on the back from me. You deserve it! Happy quilting, my friend!

  6. Busy busy! It feels good to do some finishes. So many wonderful projects to do for charities. Good for you.

  7. Monster is cookin'
    You used a p a t t e r n ??

  8. Hiya V - do you ever stop!

    I'm loving the Monster. This is going to be one gorgeous quilt.

  9. A beautiful bevy of quilts and color. That is one whopper of a monster...lovely.


  10. That monster quilt is really something...wow!

  11. I am so in love with the kitchen sink quilt. I can't believ how fast you are moving on it!

  12. you are a trip - a "wrong" piece in a kitchen sink quilt? I can't tell you how many times I've undone the right thing, or sewed the wrong thing, it's a specialty of mine!


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