Monday, December 7, 2009

Loaded Monday

Tree up!
Let the Christmas RUSH begin!


I had left these scrappy tile blocks at my house to work on on weekends only, but they are so darn fun... I had to bring a couple in to work on this week in the city.
I had planned this quilt to be a giant 9 patch... But am thinking it might be fun to make it into a bed quilt... or perhaps I just need to make another!

In my attempt to clean, I realized I need to get some of these projects finished... I like this method, because then I get excited again and I start whipping out these projects that have been lingering... I didn't want to wait til NEXT Xmas to finish my Xmas Log cabin quilt, especially when I only needed two more blocks... So I zipped them up and have all the extra bits in a box that I want to use up in the border...
So far I have this done, But I am thinking since i have MORE scraps left in the box, I may add even another row around this... It's so close to bed size, that I figure I might as well keep going...
I pieced 3 more blocks for my ON POINT quilt, and got the yellow squares sewn together for my dresdens... I figure I can take the hand sewing dresdens to my house over Xmas break to work on... That will be fun to look forward to January to finish.... three more blocks to go...

Did you see Jackie's little mini quilt using this block?
click here, it's so cute.

oh, and see Kathie's fab use of scraps...

AND, go see these little houses at twiddletails,then make your own!

I started today cleaning, and found this stack of Home decor weight Denise Schmdit fabrics, and figure I better not forget the doggies for Xmas
I had made two Amy butler poufs a while ago, For B, which she loves, but we find that the dogs keep stealing them...
So i made this one for them, and will fill it with all the foam peanuts I have saved for packing... It works great for filling bean bags... This will also save me $30 in stuffing just to fill these things!


A lot right? I know. I have family coming Thursday and it always gets me in a good frenzy. I work well under pressure... pressure meaning,
to clean my studio and rid the POOL TABLE (aka:great work space)
of the Santa's Shipping and Packaging area...


I guess I should get a shower in today too...
Better run. (faster!)

oh! And thanks for all your nice comments yesterday!
I had meant for it to be a nice NYC post, but my haircut sort of took over!


  1. Your tree looks great. I love those big lights - have a tub of them in my attic.
    your tile blocks are great - but then all your projects are great!

  2. well...You've always got so much going on over at your house. It's fun to see all that you accomplish and so inspiring! I like that christmas log cabin. The border is wonderful!

  3. I love your Christmas quilt! It's so interesting!!! You keep getting drawn to different places every time you look at it!

  4. Your tree looks full of color!!! I like that christmas log cabin and your hair cut!! you looks so pretty and young!!

  5. Are you ever busy! I'm so impressed with all your work - everything looks just grand!

  6. I need to clean my dining room table which has become the shipping, wrapping, cutting, and staging area. Friday we have folks over for dinner...yikes! Think they would be ok using some TV trays in the livingroom? Guess not...sigh.

  7. I love your BIG tree! Our tree is very small, but already took a good part of our living room.

    I LOVE your quilts! The #4 is my favorite.

    p.s. I got the fabric for the waverunner. I need to find my time to cut and piece together.

    Have a great day~

  8. Great log cabins but I really can't wait to see your dresdens done on that gorgeous yellow! My shipping/wrapping/packing area is my dining room!

  9. love all your projects, wow you are making progress
    the tree looks great!
    ah yes we all have that wrapping station somewhere in our homes
    btw LOVE your new hair cut
    wish I was brave enough to do that!

  10. All the quilts look great! Love the Xmas log cabin especially. Hope you have lots of fun in your holiday bustle!

  11. i am so amazed at all that you get done. you are SO INSPIRING with your fun quilts!!!

  12. Yee-ow...Christmas tree...rush-rush
    some good lookin'quilty quilts going
    that's the way to do it up right!!!

  13. Okay, n ow feel a little better. You do hve times when you have 3 things going, planning 3 more and company coming before you could reasonably get it all done - overdrive and takeout. It all fits, but just barely.

  14. I love your free style piecing, your christmas log cabin is terrific. Enjoy the Christmas vibe of the big city! I miss that now that i live in a small town.

  15. Luv your x-mas quilt! Cute stuff. My tree goes up this weekend. Merry quilting!


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