Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring....

And the stockings were hung....

Xmas decor complete...inside and out...

So now that i have most of my Xmas stuff done, I am trying to finish some projects around here...

I have 2 more of the 9 tile blocks finished, I think I have 3 left... I just love them...

These are percolating in my brain, trying to think of something to do with these...

And I dug this quilt top out from the summer. I had put it away for a couple reasons,

one was, I couldn't get nice borders cut at my house... I had no room... I had done two on it and they were not cut right,
So I need to redo the borders,

and the second reason was, I was scared to applique the bits on...

But, now that I've got some applique under my belt,
I am ready to tackle finishing this quilt...
It's been nagging me for a while, and I really want this one done. It's a favorite of mine...
time to make it a finish...


It's a rainy day here... So we are laying low.... Hope you've had a lovely weekend!


  1. You have most of your Christmas projects done!?! You are amazing. I love your summer quilt, too.

  2. The granny squares stocking looks so cute and your WIPs great. I have had a couple of those uncooperative borders at my house too, but now I have finally made a dent in my UFO pile.

    It has been raining here as well, and I have finally dug out some of my advent decorations.

  3. I too love the turquoise and red quilt. My question is....did you plan it out so that there would be a diagonal stairsteps across the lower you plan any of them out, or are they just lucky like that? lol....really, I am wondering how what your process is.
    And yes, I love it!

  4. Glad you dug that quilt out to finish. Can't wait to see how you quilt it and what applique you do!

  5. V - the turquoise and red quilt is wonderful. Does it really need a border?

    So you're ready for Xmas are you. Nothing happens here untiil DD breaks up on Friday. We haven't even got a tree yet!

  6. Luv the blocks, it will be interesting to see what you do with them. Your red and turquoise quilt is FABULOUS! Have fun! Merry quilting, my friend!

  7. The tile blocks looks great - where did you get the inspiration? They remind of something from the Shelbourne Museum.

  8. Ooh, that 9 patch is amazing! I saw a kids jacket the ohter day that made me think of designing a quilt like it. You just did that!

  9. i'm still LOVING that red and aqua quilt. finish that baby up!!! :)


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