Friday, December 11, 2009

week wrap up

With family in town, we've braved the COLD to hit a few spots anyway...
We braved Times square in the 22 degrees , then hoofed it home ASAP before we were icicles...
I know, I'm from Minnesota and I should be bale to handle it, but we did have 65 degrees a week ago. and 22 with wind is pretty darn cold for me...
if I wanted below zero, I'd still be living in MN...

Even Santa braved the cold in times square, with a coke and a smile....

I did manage a few sewing thing-ies today. I made a whole load of scrap blocks for a border on my Christmas log cabin quilt... only to then realize, I don't like them....on this quilt... so they may turn into some thing else....oh well.

I'm also finishing bindings, (but I can't show you or people will know what they are getting for gift-ies!), and also wrapping gifts out of other Xmas fabric I will never use...
Looks great on gifts!

Have a super Weekend!


  1. My son-in-law was in NY (at Mt. Sinai) for a interview for a post-doc position and said it was COLD. Then he flew to MN (U of M) for another interview and found out what really cold is. That last photo is really beautiful. Have a good weekend.

  2. great pictures! yes thats just a bit too cold, its the wind I hate.
    glad your still sewing and enjoying your company too!
    oh I am so tempted to start buying Christmas fabric to make a quilt to use at this time of year!
    Love your log cabin too cute (without being cutsie!)

  3. I really enjoy the slices of the city that you give to your readers! I am curious about where you scamper off to when you leave your studio! I suspect that you live in the burbs, maybe even near me! Love your blog, thanks for the good inspiration!

  4. I hear you about the cold. Old man winter really has arrived here and I am having a difficult time staying warm. Great idea to use fabric you might not use again for wrapping paper.

  5. V, You are making me laugh. But seriously, how do you breath when it's 22 degrees? It has been in the 40's here and that is too freakin cold for me. Take care and have fun with your company.

  6. Great pics of the city V, thanks for sharing :o) it currently 45 here, but your baltic weather is heading this way this week, brrrrr. Enjoy the compnay and the rest of the weekend :o)

  7. I have two pieced borders in my closet just waiting for the right quilt...they didn't make the cut for the quilt they were first made for but I'm sure this is one in their future! Stay warm...

  8. you ain't kidding! no shortage of cold weather here!!!!


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