Thursday, November 5, 2009

plugging along...

I'm plugging away on my stones quilt... Slowly but surely... Can I just say that I am going through an obscene amount of thread to do this! I don't think the KING size quilts I've quilted have gone through as much as I have done on this little quilt! I guess the dog, and more dogs are being quilted out of it!
I hope to get these little place mats done today too. But that maybe wishful thinking...
At least they are ready to go...
Binding is ready for the PARSLEY PATCH... I just love the feather quilting on this, that Linda did... Something to inspire me to keep going on my own little machine quilting adventures....
Here's the Black and Gray quilt, Quilted! Gotta love the zig zags...
And lastly the Pixie Dust Quilt is quilted!! It's on it's way back to me from Linda's I can't wait to see it in person, and get it bound... The quilting looks fab! Linda has always offered to quilt my Donation quilts... I so Appreciate it! Linda, your a doll!
And on a totally different note, Last night, I went along with my hubby to the Sotheby's Modern Art Sales... ( You hear about these sales sometimes or see them in movies...)

It's pretty fun to watch! Here a Kandinsky Painting sold for 10.6 million dollars.... Can you imagine having that amount of moola hanging on your wall? Fun to watch the bidding and the prices go up, up and up!
This little Giacometti for 19.3 million. Fabulous!
Total New York Moment!~


  1. My goodness - nothing can keep you down for long. I hope that you're feeling better. I love the way that you're quilting that stones quilt - very cool!

  2. great quilts!!! i love those place mats and that grey/black quilt is just awesome! an other thing fantastic? your profile picture!!! you looks so great!!

  3. Good post! I love that black and grey quilt. The zigzag really adds to the overall look. I love how they look like windows at night. I also love Giacometti.

  4. Wow, beautiful quilts - I love the black and white quilt quilting- did you do the quilting on your Juki?

    the prices on that art work is phenomenal. Can you imagine how much money someone must have if they pay 19 million dollars for that thing?

  5. V, I'm laughing, hard. And smiling big too. That quilt is looking real good and will be absolutely be fabulous when you have finished quilting the dogs out it! You rock, friend!
    10.6 million and 19 million? Wow, I'm speechless (and you know that doesn't happen very often.) I bet that auction was exciting. Happy sewing!

  6. Holy moly - the price of those art pieces are astonishing. The Kadinsky painting could easily be made into a quilt - don't you think?

  7. Barbara and I are on the same page ~ I think the Kandinsky is quilt-like too! Love the black and gray quilt and I think the quilting is really terrific on that one too. Your quilting on the stones quilt absolutely knocks my socks off, girlie!

  8. Too bad the Giacometti sold -- I might have been interested! LOL!!

  9. The stones quilt is looking FANTASTIC! I think it is looking like you are very patient in stitching it because the results are really looking great.

    I love modern art. We have a bathroom painted like a Mondrian painting! If we ever need to move I might have to go back over it with some plain beige for it to sell!

  10. I'm LOVING your quilting on your stones quilt!!

  11. Wow! love those feathers on Parsley Patch, and the black and grey knocks my socks off (if I had any on!) Love the Kandinsky, woudl look great on my wall! lol - if only! Look forward to seeing the stones finished :o)

  12. The quilting on your stones quilt is amazing - I can't wait to see more of it!

  13. Hi -
    I love the quilting on the stones quilt, very groovy and cool. Also really love the zig zag quilt on the black and white. Was that difficult? Did you free motion or walking foot?
    happy friay -
    great post - so newsy.

  14. Great quilting on the stones! That must have been some of my favorite movie scenes is the auction in First Wives Club! Going to one live must be exciting...

  15. I appreciate art, and would hate to think of a world without art (especially quilts!), but I just can't IMAGINE spending that much money on a piece of ART. People are starving, people are homeless, people are sick and can't afford healthcare, yet a painting can sell for 10 million plus!?! Where is the justice in the world? Sorry - I get a little carried away sometimes.

  16. You mean, you haven't turned that Kandinsky into a quilt yet? :b I can see it, I have visions of a cotton Kandinsky on my wall. What painting is that, by the way?

    And those Christmas place mats are TOO CUTE!

    (Not sure if my email comes up, so I'm

  17. Hooray for all those quilts, right???

    (And you shouldn't have spilled the beans on how much the hubster paid for my Christmas present. That sculpture is going to look just lovely on my shelf! ;)

  18. all your quilts are looking amazing! have fun with all that binding. goodness, that will keep you busy for a LONG time! but it's fun because you get to sit under the beautiful quilts and admire them as you work. right?

  19. The Pixie Dust Quilt looks amazing. Thank you Thank you. I hope somebody loves it.


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