Friday, November 6, 2009

how to spend a lazy day

How to spend a lazy day in NYC...

First, to spend a lazy day in NYC, avoid TICKER TAPE PARADES in downtown NYC...
Fun though they maybe! (yippee Yankees!)
(I almost said TWINS! (wishful thinking)
Getting around is a bit of a hassle with happy Jeter jersey wearing fans everywhere...

Spend the day with friends!
like Andrea and myself, having some stitching, tea and muffin time!

Have some show and tell time... ooh and ahh over quilts
(Black and gray Windows on left and the pick up sticks on right)

Admire Charity projects and talk about how you can help in your own way...
(PIXIE DUST QUILT back from Linda at cottage garden quilts)

(these three just recvd today in the mail from Linda, now I have MORE binding to do!)

Head to City Quilter , and try to get out of it without spending a hundred bucks...
then grab some dumplings for lunch...

Then go to ABC HOME and get inspired by all the Christmas decor.. then go back home, avoiding Crazy Yankee fans, put on the kettle, kick up those heals and read your latest Blog giveaway prize...
That's my kind of a lazy NYC day...

(great book by the way, packed with fabulous things)
Thanks Andrea!


  1. It sounds like a fantastic way to spend any kind of day!

  2. That sounds more like a busy day than a lazy day. I am so glad that you and your friend got to share some wonderful time together.

  3. What a fabulous day! It stormed, hailed and sunshined all in one day out here in Seattle! Hope you are feeling better!

  4. Wow, and you call that a lazy day?!!!! I love it xo

  5. ABC Home & ticker-tape parade....sure brings back some good memories of our life in NYC ! Happy weeknd!

  6. Love your idea of lazy days in NYC. Glad you had a fun day. I had a sick child home...but that's OK ;-)) He's feeling better now, and I was able to run out and get my new laptop. Spending my lazy weekend transferring files ;-))

  7. It does sound like a lovely day, indeed.

  8. Love that picture of you and your friend having fun.. and also the little Christmas ornaments. Crazy about those!!

  9. sounds like the perfect way to spend a day! The quilting on the Pixie Dust Gather is gorgeous - Linda did an incredible job on it.

  10. It was fun! City Quilter? Rickshaw? Should have stuck with you! Downtown was a Yankee madhouse!!! Plus it would have been more fun than working too much.

    You'll have to tell me how the presentation is tomorrow. Have a great Sunday V!

  11. Sounds like a great day! What is more fun than quilting and chit-chat with a friend?

  12. that is a great book - congrats.
    looks like a really fun day.


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