Friday, October 30, 2009

Lovely Detours

I feel like I took a big detour lately, and wanted to get back to other projects I had started before the waverunner...

I had started these applique projects and have gotten so taken in by them. I bought a couple books to figure out how to bead and embroider them a bit...
But now that
i got this batik project off my wall...

(remember the trees that shelly and I made?)
they became this...

I wanted to get back to my Dresden plate quilt...

I started cutting into all that fabulous YELLOW i picked up in Houston,
And then realized I wanted to do the same sort of thing as those little applique projects!
So now...

I have yellow in the main background part and I am blending from yellow to yellow/pink and then finally a pink border...

Once I have that done I will play around with the plates,
but for now I tacked them up to see if I like.

So I guess the Detour was worth it! It's lead me on a new path... Gotta love that!
Have a great weekend!


  1. That is a lot of eye candy for one posting! What a variety of projects -- each with a unique look. And all soooo pretty!

  2. OMG! I am gasping and drooling at ALL of those. Great detours! I love your new haircut too- it's fabulous!

  3. i love the trees and houses quilt. so wonderful!

  4. love the updated dresden plates- fun color choice.
    happy friday

  5. Wow! I've loved seeing the applique blocks with the square backgrounds they are both so vibrant! and now the dresden plates sing happily a chorus of lovelyness! And the village is wonderful! Just proves no matter how you detour it's generally always worth it! This post definately left my eyes popping :o) Thanks V !

  6. Your plates are fabulous! The black just zings . . . and the different sizes is a great idea . . . apparently, you have way too much talent and not enough time . . .

  7. I ADORE that turquoise and orange block in the first picture. That is just fabulous. I love all the rest too - but that one I think would find a way into my bag if I ever visited you.

  8. Your abilty to combine colors and styles and create art ispires and yet awes me.

  9. Your trees look great. Mine are still laying around waiting for me to do something with them.
    I see you and your dredan plates are having a very interesting conversation with each other. (Oooh to be a fly on the wall.) Looks fabulous my friend!!!! Happy Halloween!

  10. All I can say is WOW!!! Everything rocks!!! Happy Halloween weekend.

  11. The colors are fab! I would have never thought to try those for the dresden plate...

    have a great halloween!

  12. This is so YOU! I was looking at the new copy of and there is quilt by Wendy Williams called BIG BLOOMS! Bright colors , your dresdens, everything! Check it out!

    PS Wonderful play time!

  13. jeessshhhh. You really get stuff done. What an inspiration you are!

  14. Those are amazing detours, I love what you did for the trees. LOVE it.

  15. Brilliant. There are those fabulous stars of perfection in with the trees too. Yeah!!!

    And the round the world variation with your dresdens...what an adventure you are having. Fun stuff!

  16. BEAUTIFUL always!!!
    V...I got my package in the mail today and it couldn't be any more perfect!!! You nailed it!!! Thanks a million times over!!!

  17. yes.. detours are a good thing sometimes.. you never know what might happen. LOVE the yellows and dark pink combos there. Glad you are feeling better too!

  18. Everything about your "stuff" makes me smile, makes we want to sew and get started immediately. Happy........ it's all so filled up with joy and happiness.

    Kaaren in CA

  19. WOW! I amazed at the places you take me that I never knew existed, at opportunities that I never considered. Even though my style is different than yours, your work widens my vision and makes me better. Your latest eye candy is joy in fabric and made me smile. Thank You!! Did I say Wow!? ;-)

  20. Here's why I love your blog - many people are afraid of taking detours. Many aren't willing to trust their own creative instincts and rely on that which others have done before them. When I come to your blog, however, I see something new every time. I see how your projects evolve. You are so creative and inspiring and original. Thanks for sharing!

  21. I am just now going through the Virtual Quilt Festival comments and am loving your blog! But oh do I love this yellow quilt!!!!


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