Saturday, June 13, 2009

What Light!

Here's the next UFO, I plan on finishing... It's a old top, that's been collecting dust for ages, that I figured it was time to dust off...

After a full week of rain, the clouds finally parted to give way to a little Mr. Golden Sun...
So Saturday morning after getting up early, I grabbed a stack of quilts, B, and my camera and we went for drive to find other great places to take some decent photos of them...

A little spot on the bay, was great for almost all the quilts... And the one above was in my front yard, near a sculpture... I love all those reds!

The light was so amazing on the bay. And a little walk in the woods provided a few stumps to prop up some quilts on. We managed to get a few pics, ticks, and a slug, on this blanket! Into the wash!

The bay again, my front yard fence showing the back, and this HUGE rock just down the road from me worked well!

Just follow the natural light, and it helps to not have any rain clouds looming overhead!

I do need to go around and get some better photos of a bunch of my other quilts,
even ones I've given away,
so, don't be surprised if I show up asking to take your quilt for a walk with me!

(MOM, Niece, Corina, Sherry, Marianna, etc. etc....) ;-)

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Very nice backdrops for your beautiful quilts! Happy weekend!

  2. I love the outdoor shots by the bay! Fabulous!

  3. Oh my! I've got a serious case of quilt envy!!! I love all of them but i REALLY LOVE the orange one with the bird backing. TO DIE FOR!!!

  4. Thank you for the wonderful eye candy...these are delightful

  5. Beautiful photos and quilts. What a difference from indoor lighting!

  6. wow you have been so productive !
    yes I have had enough of the rain, it rained all day yesterday as well though
    I love the red but oh that orange /pink and green is calling my name!
    LOVE the backing fabrics , what fun!
    great quilt show this am!

  7. Great photos! What quilters won't do to show off their gorgeous quilts in the best possible way. :o) I drag mine all over the backyard.

  8. Great pictures! The orange and the red ones are my favorites!

  9. Wow, you've been busy. All your pictures are great! I think the green quilt on the lichen rock is my favorite but then again I like red and those two red quilts in your yard look great too. And then the ones with the water in the background. Well I can't choose, they all look amazing. Well done!

  10. I love,love,love how the shape and color of the quilt border hanging off the end of the dock mimics the sculpture in your yard....was that accidental or planned?

    Great photos, lovely quilts, and good eye candy to go along with my iced coffee this morning. Thanks muchissimo!

  11. I think you are exceling at the art of photographing quilts! They are all great in the scenic surroundings and with old wood & green. I love the orange quilt with the birds on the back.

  12. Love the quilts and especially the way you posed the photographs.

  13. Wow, what great photos of your great quilts! Very inspired! Keep it up. . .you're putting the rest of us to shame. *grin*

  14. I saw those Heather Ross doggies on gold peeking out there! You have a sculpture in your front yard???

  15. I love the orange pink and green quilt! I'd not seen that one before on your blog. It is awesome!

  16. These are absolutely gorgeous shots of your quilts. I need to try taking pix outside, though my backyard is not as conducive to beauty as your scenery!

  17. ooo... I just had to comment.. I notice the Every Iota fabric in that last quilt.. LOVE that!


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