Saturday, May 30, 2009

I am Here.
next week I will be here all summer.
sigh... yeh!

And leaving this, below, behind til fall.

When I see the map like this it makes it hard to believe I live there...
Isn't it wild what you can pull up on the computer?

I forgot my cord to my camera to load images... oh well.

You won't see all the weeds I pulled out of my garden, my messy studio, or my air dried fuzzy hair.
It's 80 out to day and we all went for a swim in pool today.

And it's so quiet.
No garbage trucks, fire truck sirens, constructions noise, honking cars.

yep. I'm ready for summer.

Hope you all are having a lovely quiet weekend!


  1. Enjoy your summer and I hope you will have a wonderful time.

  2. lucky lucky lucky you!
    I was in the city yesterday, flute lesson , starbucks!
    right by the cloisters dyckmann street.
    and next Saturday will be in to see the PN exhibit at the AF art museum and lunch, hope to get to the Japanese book store by lincoln center for quilt magazines, have you been there?
    looking forward to it
    not my type of quilts but they awe me!
    How was B's birthday????
    LOVED her dress so cute and the horse puppets were awesome.
    hope she had a great day
    She gets out of school early,my dd would be so jealous the 22nd of june

  3. V, Wow! I like the satellite pics but I'm sorry to miss your frizzy hair. Sounds like a relaxing weekend, enjoy! It is crazy here, to much going, going, going. Enjoy your Sunday. Happy Sewing!

  4. you better not forget your camera cord when you go to stay for the summer. :-)

  5. How lovely! I am sure you will enjoy your summer out there!

  6. Growing up I used to always say I didn't want to go to the summer house right up until we loaded the car...then when we got there I was the first in the water! Enjoy the summer and the fresh air!


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