Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Bday!

Homemade Birthday gifts!

Here's the horses! My Big girl has a special day today! I got these done just in time!

B decided on a turquoise rose on her GOLD fancy dress. I love the combo of colors! Zowie!

I made the horses, fastening them together with a button front and back so the legs move... I decided to make them into puppets...

B has been very artsy herself, lately, and makes puppet after puppet, See below,

So I thought, hmmm, maybe she needs a place to show off her work?

For the puppet theatre, I used one big piece of fabric, and cut the square out.

It was very flimsy, so I first used fusible web & card stock to frame the opening then I went back in and sewn around the opening, added some trim, and put up a curtain across the back.

I put sleeve across the top and
put a tension curtain rod to keep it up in the door frame. I left the bottom drape very long depending on where she wants to hang it...

I love how the horses turned out, I may need to play with them some more...
to see what else I can do with them...

Thanks, ANN for great idea! And sharing your artsy ideas with us!

Have a special day my sweet! You grow more beautiful,
creative, clever & powerful each day.
Momma loves you girl!



oooh! Look at my goodies! I won this pillow from Chen! It's so darn cute. I love the straight square stitching... Completely adorable! thanks Chen! go check it out, because she is now giving away a SPIDERWEB QUILT!!! Awesome!


And lastly, my dear friend Corina, of
365 days of purpose, is learning to Sew & Quilt! She has a very sweet blog about family stuff, and charity works, and now hopefully some sewing!
Please go say hi to her, and drop a few words of encouragement to a new sewer!


  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter, who looks great in her gold dress and turquoise rose! Her birthday is just the day after my daughter's, so we've been celebrating, too. I had a puppet theater as a child and absolutely loved it. B will have a fantastic time with hers!!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday B! You look so beautiful and your dress is amazing(love the turquoise rose)
    Hope you have a super day.

  3. Congratulations, your the mother of a 9 yr old! Didn't it go fast?
    Your horses are very, very cute. And B's dress is almost as cute as the girl wearing it. You've got alot to be proud of there. Have a great day, my friend. Happy sewing!

  4. Happy Birthday B!!!! You look GORGEOUS in your new dress...I love the added touch. Her puppets are fantastic. That pillow you won is absolutely darling :) I will go check out the Chen blog.
    Thanks for the encouragement V! I really appreciate it. You are a good friend :)

  5. Happy Birthday! What a great way to celebrate - new dress and puppets!


  6. Wow, look at you! Now I feel like I should go make something for my son!

  7. Cute dress, cute rose and even cuter birthday girl!! Great job on the puppet theatre and puppets. What a crafty family.

    Glad you liked your goodies. Hope the pillow wasn't too wrinkled.

  8. Love that clever puppet theater and those horse puppets! B looks absolutely gorgeous in her new dress.

  9. Magnificent!! All of it! And Happy Birthday!!

  10. Happy Birthday to your daughter...she is beautiful. Lovely handmade gifts.

  11. Wonderful gifts for your amazing girl! I LOOOOVE the horses! And the dress is adorable.

  12. Happy Birthday to B!!!! It looks like a terrific birthday and you look so pretty in your gold dress!

  13. Happy Birthday, B. I hope you had a wonderful day!

    Love the dress and the horses - and a puppet theatre, genius! Handmade gifts are the absolute best!!!


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