Sunday, April 5, 2009

to do

Today's inspiration. Matisse! Reds, and prints, and
beautiful women wrapped in gold...
I'll be using these below.

I've been hunting and gathering.... my pile is growing!
Now to decide how they will all work together...
Stay tuned! I'm so in love with the Turkey Reds... have you seen these?
The colors are so deep and rich. woohoo!

I don't think B moved from my bed all weekend. We made it ALL WINTER not getting sick, and now, a week apart, she's on cold #2... I've always managed to not get it when my hubby had it, then B, now B again... BUT....

I'm nursing a runny nose, and a foggy head with lots of tea,
so I think I can almost say, I'm sick...
give me a day or two and I will be down for the count... DRAT!

(Love my tea stick, see here.)
(Favorite Jasmine Tea: click Here)

It has a dreadful cough along with it, so I invested in a large bottle of Honey... (the best thing to calm the cough at night)

I have several things I wanted to get finished up this week too! I have the ugly squares that are UFO's from the pile of 16, I had way back.
(Which is down to two, yippee!)
SO I figured I should just get it done. And I know some of you who actually read this, will say, Their not ugly! but for me, they are sort of not my cup of tea... there fore, I do not like them, Sam I am... Donation quilt? perhaps.

I also have been making sketches for new blocks, the ones in the same picture on the right are some of those... But I have no idea if I want to finish them... I might find a funky way to put them into something else...

I have two quilts I'd like to get quilted this week...
this one above, and the grad quilt.

Can you believe since I have no BLACK THREAD, but I have three thread stores on my street, that I can't get myself out to buy some? I get working and I don't leave the loft. Is that a problem? hmmm?....


  1. Hope the cold doesn't get the best of you! I'm hoping we're done sharing our virus around the house. Here's to hot tea and good health!

  2. I take a nap and I wake up to you having posted these wonderful pics. Matisse, a great inspiration. I'm loving the "links" you have up on your design wall. Just simple contrast can be so striking!

  3. Oh stinky being sick!!! Hope you feel better soon. How fun to be looking at those reds and gold. And I really like the blocks on the side...whether you work them into something else or not. And I really like your black-and-white painting posted earlier. Cool!

  4. hope she feels better soon
    oh love those new pile of fabrics, just a word of warning make sure you prewash those turkey reds from Blank, you may need to wash them a few times, I treated it with retayne and had to do it twice.
    LOVE the pile of fabrics can't wiat to see what you do with them.
    3 thread stores on your street.
    wow must be a great street!
    now how far is a fabric store, that would be a problem for me!!!!

  5. Feel better dear. And those ARE ugly. (I tease.)

  6. V, I love Matisse. I love Matisse red. I love anything or color that is "Matisse". Have fun with your reds. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. oh it's awful having a code. Codes stuff your nose and you can't say ayting with th's and l's
    poor you....
    I have a red and white quilt that I started in January. That's as far as I got, it's ready to be quilted, but I just can't get into it...maybe I will now.
    I got the idea of a blue quilt in BHG, January magazine cover I think
    Hope you get bedder soon!

  8. hope you're feeling better...just read the last 11 posts i've where you live, your inspirations...fab pic of the Mahvelous lady! i need to get here more often!!
    no word verification is excuseless...that's me

  9. Well, I'm on day six of my second cold, and I'm finally feeling better. Mucinex, (am I allowed to say this?), works wonders. I was still able to work. It was just hard getting up in the morning. I love the blocks on the right. Can hardly wait to see how that quilt will turn out. Thanks for the card. It was great!

  10. KISS? I wanna rock 'n' roll all night, and party every day. Sorry to hear that you're feeling poorly - ya'all need to stop getting all these colds. love the Matisse inspiration - I'm thinking you need a stronger goldy/yellow color... Wow I had no idea that Chinese Coinsish quilt was so large. Hope you get some quilting thread soon so you can get to work on it!

  11. You are the best nurse ~ so I expect you'll be back on top in no time...sending you some healing vibes. I love the blocks on the right! You could really do a lot with them I think. How lovely to live where you can find 3 stores with thread on your block!
    Hey, how far are you from Macy's? Just curious.

  12. Get well soon. Those quilts need quilting!

  13. Hope you're feeling much better very soon. Love those reds...and Matisse.
    Got chicken soup?


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