Friday, March 27, 2009

what a week

Things to do on an airplane. sleep, relax, sew.

We are back from our little trip to Florida. ahhh.

just what I needed... I finished B's little quilt she designed, and also...

My "Sneak Peek" was a gift for Tonya when i went to visit her early this week!

Miss Tonya, it was so much fun to meet you, spend the day with you, hear you talk about your quilts, and see how wonderful they (the quilts) are in person.

You gave me lots of ideas to think about as I drove back that day! (And new things I am now excited to try! )

I think I may be ready to tackle a few of the hand quilting projects I have laying around here without being so intimidated by them.

The kitties came out to play and say hi too!

We visited a fabric store, of course. I picked up a few goodies on sale.
How could I not...

ACK! I just realized I left it in the hotel room!
pheew. I called, they have it... darn it! Something always gets left behind!

I have a baby blanket to make, so I found some perfect fabrics to tackle that project next week.
perhaps it will have some of those TINY letters Tonya does. I had no idea they were so small! like 3-4". So nicely done. I have to give it a try.

The day ended with a nice drive back and an ever changing sunset...

Thanks for a great day Ton!


We had a lovely lazy vacation, and I got enough Vitamin D to last me till MAY! Yippee!

Good to go away, Nice to come home.


  1. OMG! You got to meet Tonya! How wonderful. Sounds like you had a great day and a great vacation.

  2. Glad to hear you had a great vacation. And it is nice to get home. Happy sewing!

  3. You're right, it's nice to leave once in awhile, but it really is great to come home. Glad you're back!

  4. Now I know why Tonya hasn't posted the last few days - she was cleaning the condo! The Tonya wall hanging is great...glad to hear you had a good time and are up on your Vit. D!

  5. it was so fabulous meeting you, Victoria. I had a great time and thank you thank you thank you so much for the wallhanging. it's fantastic and I'll think of you every time I see it. cheers.

  6. What fun! Vacation...sunshine...time with B...quilting....meeting a friend...

    Sounds perfect!

  7. I love the picture of you and Tonya!! How happy you both look. What a treat to meet her and for her to meet you! That is one great little quilt you made for are so creative!!

  8. Sounds like a fun trip. I didn't know you could now sew on the planes again. Nice to hear.Love the small quilt projects too. It is nice that your daughter enjoys quilting too.

  9. Playing catch up so have just seen your post. Wooo hoooo - isn't Ton great and Pokey came out to see you!


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