Wednesday, March 18, 2009

thats' all folks. (for a week.)

B decided today to design her own mini quilt to hang on her wall,
so, side by side, she made the one above, while I made the one belo
all from the scrap bins....
boy that feels good!
I get to hand quilt it, though, she says, SO I guess I have
some nice little projects to work on the airplane this weekend.
yep. We are off to the sunshine. YAHOOO!

As, I was finishing up marking my little one above, B decided that was pretty cool, and wanted to make another.
SO she put this little block together (BELOW)...
I may try to convince her to make more blocks like this
and we'll make it into a quilt for her... But we'll see...

I , mean while have gotten out some paints, and pastels to work on some ideas for some fabric designs, and quilt sketches...
Gotta get them out of my head.... They can really keep me up at night thinking about different ideas....

It's been nice having our school break this week.
The weather is finally warming up a little.
And anytime, running in Central Park, is always worth it.

So , shortly we are off to the sun. Happy sewing. Be creative, and I'll be soaking up some Vitamin D, and picking Tonya's brain about some sewing tips...

Can't wait.

oh, and Andrea, I'm counting on winning this quilt!
(You can drop it off for my bday... Hint hint.)

Stay tuned.


  1. Have fun with Ton. I'm sure you'll have a blast. Give her a huge hug from me.

  2. Have a great trip. You'll be missed here.

  3. B is so talented, as are you. must be so much fun to sew together. fingers crossed you win that quilt - it's a beauty.

  4. Have a wonderful trip!! Bring some sunshine back this way with you.

  5. Have a great vacation!! Sounds wonderful. Bring those little quilts back all quilted. ;)

  6. B needs to start her own blog one of these days. :-D
    hey.. I recognize a couple things from your scrap bin! The brown floral.. and that Every Iota Stripe!
    Hope everything goes well this week.. have fun!!

  7. Looks like y'all have been having alot of fun. My daughter and I have been painting rocks together. Enjoy your weekend. I hope you get to sew your brains out. Happy quilting!

    p.s. I love the 9-patch! Well done!

  8. Your raffle tickets were turned in of luck! :)

    Hope you have a lovely trip.


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