Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Having been away, I realized today how many projects I need to get done ASAP... I was working on the stacked coins quilt, and got tired of the over and over rhythm of sewing all those together!

I wasn't in the mood to machine quilt, and I knew I had to get a baby quilt done. Since I had bought fabric in Florida for the quilt and then, Left it in the hotel room... I was antsy waiting to get the fabric. So I dug through my stash, and started free piecing a bunch of stuff together. (of course two hours later the fabric arrived fed ex.)

I sort of dazed off thinking about, Tonya's 3" letters, Wanda's use of many different prints together, Amy's pin wheel quilt, All the wonky stars people have been making and the 9 patch quilt I just finished... And well, this is what happened with all those thoughts.

It's not something I would normally do. But I think sometimes an experiment can be a good thing to try. I learned a few things, made a bunch of mistakes. (I'm this close to ripping it apart and evening out the background) But I won't. I fight the urge to be perfect.


Most of all and most importantly,

A sweet little baby girl won't mind cuddled up in it.

The evening sun is becoming stronger in our apartment later, which is the sure sign that spring and summer are getting nearer and leaving old man winter behind.

Last night B and I were in the studio, we looked up and saw the amazing light on the ugly buildings... It looked like rainbows in the glass. mmmm. Sort of a stop and smell the roses kind of feeling. We had to grab the camera...


  1. The quilt is so cute! Good for you for fighting the urge to be perfect - and winning! I fight the urge all the time, and end up ripping out so much.

  2. I like to let a quilt sit awhile before I get to overanxious about tearing it apart...they (or I) seem to mellow a bit with age!

  3. LIke the quilt.

    The picture of the skyline is beautiful!

  4. I make so many mistakes that I wouldn't know where to begin to be even a bit "perfect"
    I love the stacked coin. It makes the quilt very different from the usual .
    The high rise photo is fabulous. You must also live high in the sky as they say to get such a shot.

  5. It is such a pretty quilt!! I love it, great job.

    Tell me about having tons of projects, I have a quilt that I need to quilt but I just can't get in the mood for it.

  6. That is so cute...she will love it! Well when she is old enough!

  7. Luv this little quilt! Do not rip out. Perfection is over-rated. I'm not saying it doesn't have it's place, but a baby quilt is not it. Spring has sprung here in Austin. I'm glad it has found you there as well. Happy quilting!

  8. I love the quilt V! So colorful, perfect for a girl! Love the photos of the city....keep them coming....satisfies my urge for being there myself :)I know all about the need for perfection, it hinders me quite a bit. I think its the things that we don't plan that come out the best.

  9. Sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone is a good thing! I have yet to make pieced letters that work that well. Happy April.

  10. fabulous baby quilt and Shelby will always know it's HERS. those are ugly buildings...


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