Monday, March 30, 2009

back at it

oh. It feels good to be back sewing. I've had the grad quilt (above) on my design wall for the whole month, I finally got it together today along with

this other one... This has been percolating in my brain since the beginning of the month...

It's not done yet, but it feels good to be looking at something new... I'm Always trying to figure out how to put my mark on quilts... Using some vintage fabric along with new print and even to throw in a few solids...

It's so nice to be back working and have a nice bright light coming in the studio today...


  1. p.s. I LOVE the black & plaid (they look like plaids, yes?) one.

  2. yes.. and just throw a little dark line across the yellow strip. Fabulous!

  3. Your plaid nine patch looks great. I too like a funky, unexpected surprise in a quilt. (Whether I'm making it or looking at it, doesn't matter.) It is just plain fun!

  4. wheee, getting stuff done. love the plaids.

  5. Beautiful work!
    Happy belated Birthday, sister Aries!!

  6. That stacked coins quilt makes me laugh!

  7. Love the brown/yellow stacked coin quilt. Very pleasing.

  8. i love the first quilt. the dark background is just fabulous!!!


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