Sunday, March 15, 2009

monday finishes

Birthday Stash! What a great gift of fabric from my friend Sherry in MN... We had a lovely time, and Boy! does she have me pegged with a gift of yummy fabrics!

I Recvd the 9 patch quilt back from Linda, I just love it. So I am now getting that binding on ASAP and shipping it off to them this week. I Really am so happy with this quilt. It looks so good.

These two Quilts, I sent off to Owen's Big sisters. One for each of them...
And some Stickers for Owen.
I can't imagine what it must be like for the girls either, and thought they might need a little extra something special too.

They are going to be doing a benefit in May, perhaps I'll make another quilt for them to raffle... Anyone wanna help?

I started cutting another quilt... I had an idea, and now have changed my mind! hmmm, now to make these pieces work into something different...

Darn those Girls Scout cookies! They just have to come out a week before we go on vacation...
Boxes of them seem to disappear right before your eyes!
(and right to the hips!)


  1. Last week I was on hold with the docotor's office and before I knew it a whole sleeve of think mints disappeared...the first question the nurse asked, "how's the diet going." Duhhh....soooo busted!

  2. I'm up for helping! This time I promise to pay attention to block I can also send you fabric. Let me know.

    Ummm, about those cookies....I have switched allegiance from Thin Mints to those Lemon ones...oh they are so addictive!

  3. Oh great fabrics! What an awesome present! I love all the quilts in this post and all the fabrics. And girl scout cookies, yummy!!!

  4. what a great gift-those fabrics are fantastic!!!

  5. Happy birthday (belatedly). Sorry, I was out of town and am just catching up. Such yummy fabrics!

  6. Great quilts as always! I'll help with blocks any time you need it, just let me know.

    The stack of browns and blues looks like a muted bargello, or a nine patch YOU get to keep, or or or... so many possibilities!

    Our house went through the thin mints ages ago. I always hide some in the freezer but that only helps slow things down a tiny bit. They're great cold!

  7. The quilt looks great - can't wait to see it in it's entirety when it's done!
    And, I have to avoid those Girl Scouts and their evil cookies! I have no willpower once they're in the house.

  8. I'm always amazed at how much you get done. aiyee, another two quilts ready to go. whee fun fabrics.


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