Wednesday, January 28, 2009


In March of 08, My daughter B, had an idea, as we sat in a restaurant waiting for our food. She was drawing pictures of animals and people on napkins, and said, Mom, maybe you could sew these together, from the pictures i made, and we can sell them to raise money for a charity. Well, i thought that a grand idea, and so we did.

I have posted about this before, I think, BUT, a really cool thing happened

From the sales of the animals, B raised $600, which she then Donated to Love Without boundaries. basically the foundation raises money for Children in Chinese Orphanages, who need medical attention and can not be put on the Adoption list. Which means, they are not adoptable, and will grow up in the system...

So, B was able to select a child that she wanted her money to go to to help. Recently, we rcvd a note, from the Medical co-Director as a follow up.

Dear B & V,

We have just heard wonderful news! Jin, the little boy you sponsored for hernia surgery no longer needs to have hernia surgery any more. The hernia has healed on its own and we are so happy that he no longer needs surgery.

Because Jin no longer needs surgery, we will be able to reassign your donation to help another child. There is another child from Jin’s same orphanage that has anal atresia and a heart defect, baby Yu. We are planning to move Yu to Shanghai after Chinese New Year so that the doctors at the Children’s Hospital associated with Fudan University can fix both of Yu’s defects. I have attached a photo of Yu for you.

Thank you again for making a difference for a child. We appreciate all you are doing to help these precious children!!

Karen Maunu
Medical Co-Director
Love Without Boundaries Foundation
"Hope and Healing for Children in Need"

Any dry eyes? I'm very touched by the fact that the have sent hand written cards, emails, pictures etc. to let us know how the money has gone. I'm very touched.

As I sit here cutting squares from my scrap bin, I was thinking about how or
who else we can help.

I'd like to ask if anyone is interested
in hitting their scrap bins?

I'd like to make a quilt from all the scraps we have but
can't figure out what to do with. I've been cutting 2" squares out of my smaller scraps, and I've decided, to ask everyone if we can get a bunch of people to contribute 9 patch squares, out of 2" blocks. I'll put them all together and probably donate it to them for their yearly auction...

If you'd like to help me, send me an email. you can send as many 9 patches as you want, but please use your scraps. It's about using what we have, to help someone

2" cut blocks sewn together for a 9 patch... Mine trimmed down is just under 5" squared finished.

Please, if you want to contribute, MAIL them by FEB 14th...


  1. Oh, Victoria, count me in! I'm doing some similar blocks for our guild charity quilt. Do you want 2" finished squares, or 2" before sewing together?

    B's critters are so adorable! She's pretty sweet herself, too!

  2. Count me in!

    How your heart must smile to know you are raising such a compassionate and caring young lady.

    You owe me a stack of Kleenex!


  3. Great idea! I want to join in but I have had the same doubt about the size as Doris. I couldn't take a similar initiative...patchwork isn't so common.

  4. 2" cut blocks sewn together for a 9 patch. Come out just under 5" with 1/4' seam allowance...I updtaed the post with a photo. thanks guys, I'm feeling the love!

  5. Victoria,

    How dare you make me cry this early in the morning. I think what you are doing is so wonderful....I know nothing about quilting but I would love to purchase some vintage fabric for you to use if that works? I am so moved that B is being taught to be such a compassionate woman. She is going to make a huge impact on our world just like you you both.

  6. I'd love to support you in this project! I'll see how many I can pull together over the course of the next month. Do you have a specific deadline?

  7. What a wonderful story. I'd love to help, too! But I need a deadline. LOL I'm a horrible procrastinator.

  8. You can count on at least a few from me. Thanks for a great idea and for doing the work. Tell B that she's brilliant and beautiful (as if you don't already do that every day). Also, proofread your post - you asked us to pull our CRAPS together but I'm pretty sure you meant SCRAPS... silly girl.

  9. Victoria, I have some 9-patch blocks that are already made. They measure 6 1/2 inches. Would you be able to use those by cutting them down. They could be improvisational! Let me know.

  10. Count me in. Is there a specific deadline? You do mean 2 inch squares into 9-patches-right?
    I'm on it!

  11. Hey there! I've been lurking on your blog for a few months - just love it. I looked into this charity a year or two ago and never got my act together to help. I'll have to remedy that! I'd love to help out with some nine patches.

  12. I'll make some 9-patches too! Do you care about color coordination in each block or group, or just anything? Sounds like fun, and I've got scraps up the kazoo!
    Let me know where to send the blocks!

  13. Your sweet B has a heart of gold, as do you, and yes i love that you got a response like you did and are able to help the next child!
    Count me in too.

  14. You can definitely count me in! I will get started now...just let me know where to mail them!

  15. I have a quilt I would be happy to donate, it just needs a binding.
    Its all quilted, send me your email and I will send you a picture.

  16. What a great idea! I'll send some, just let me know where. It's great that your daughter is so involved at this young age.

  17. I would LOVE to help. What a great idea! When I'm done, I could even just drop them by and say hi!

    I love your daugher's project and what it has brought about. Beautiful!

  18. I would like to contribute too. I don't have a blog or have a blog identity so I have to post anonymous. But I read your blog frequently and would like to join this project. Where should the blocks be mailed?

  19. I would like to contribute too. I don't have a blog or have a blog identity so I have to post anonymous. But I read your blog frequently and would like to join this project. Where should the blocks be mailed?

  20. Victoria,
    I'd be honored and would LOVE to help out with your 9-patch roundup!! What a wonderful, wonderful idea~~

    Where should we mail the 9-patches to? If we have them in the mail by the 14th, is that OK ?

    Thanks for an opportunity to do something so meaningful~

    Debbie Myers

  21. Perfect timing. I've been wanting to clear out some of my scrap bin. Where do I mail the blocks to? Do you have to receive them by the 14th or do we have to have them in the mail to you by the 14th?

  22. I would love to make some if I can find a little time. Where do I mail them to?

  23. I would love to particpate. Can I get an address? I can get them in the mail by Saturday.


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