Friday, December 5, 2008

Only in NY

So, I'm walking to the Subway to get B from School...And as you can
imagine, there are a lot of colorful, interesting people,
walking around New York.

But only this, in December, can you see someone like this:

from the back it's a nun carrying him around...
on the front it says, POPE FICTION...

We don't ask questions, we laugh and walk away...and perhaps dig out our cameras!


Kristin asked about my Bumble Beans logo.
I never posted about it.

To make a long-ish story short-ish...

As we were adopting B, I was still working a real job, but I then wanted to be home with her, so I started a custom children's clothing company, where I made clothes, and had sort of Experiences with my small wee clients.
the kids came, picked out the fabrics, and i made them, all very interactive. it was pretty neat. I needed a name, and B was my inspiration.

B = bee = baby = little peanuts = beans, Bee, Beans = Bumble Beans...

Since at the time I was only doing girls clothes under 5, those girls started having boy siblings, and all of a sudden it was All boys clothes.

A LOT of boys clothes... And it got to be TOO much work...
and took away from being a mom,
so that was that, So i dug it out for my blog.

I kept the company for my art stuff, and who knows where it will lead to.

For today I am happily sewing, taking photos, and proudly being a mom.

How did you all come up with a name for your blogs?



  1. Great beginnings.

    Baumcat simply takes the first 4 letters of my last name and the first 3 of my first name.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. That picture is too funny. My blog name? LOL Not hard to figure out where it came from. No imagination on my part!

  3. Pope Fiction is HILARIOUS! I'm at work and was laughing so loud! I needed to censor myself. =O

    Thanks for explaining Bumble Beans. I was curious about that for ages. My blog name is a play on my last name. Plus, who doesn't like gumdrops? =)

  4. that is one heck of a strong nun! I bet the kids clothes you made were adorable.


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