Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a bit of fun

I'm without my camera for at least a week... !!!

Thought I'd better get it sent out before I really need it for the holidays...
SO I have to make due with my cell phone pics!

Just laid this one out to be quilted... this was inspired by my gees bend quilt, Sort of a stream of consciousness, like writing, but in sewing...I had a piece of fabric, and some other pieces I wanted to work with, and sort of just took a bit, added here and there...and this is what became of it.

I used some tiny vintage 9 patch, and two vintage hexagons that I appliqued on top... A few squares left over from my trip around the world quilt, that I am still pondering over... and a couple new pieces of fabric I thought were so fun I couldn't cut them apart...

I'm definitely trying to use what stash I have around here...

I'm sort of stumped by this, working on my quilt for Tonya's winter class. I could really use some solids... But I may just do it all from scraps... Tomorrow I plan on starting my GET WELL SOON, quilt in Honor of my childhood SICK QUILT!

When I was a little one, if I had to stay home from school because I was sick, we had a quilt we called THE SICK QUILT, yeah, I know, it doesn't sound very pleasing, BUT, It was an awesome quilt. It was washed so many times, the cotton was like butter, and the top, was just a simple red lightweight corduroy... It was big, puffy, very warm, and you could really snuggle into it, and feel better under it... (especially during those cold MN winters with only a wood stove to heat our house!)

This quilt now sits in my bedroom on top of our dogs crate...
it keeps them warm in front of a drafty door.

So, I wanted to make a new quilt, rename it. The Get Well Soon quilt, and thought, something with the words on it, houses, bottle of medicine etc, and there you have it, it fits in nicely with all the little crazy things we can do with this project...

Click here for Tonya's winter class blog...


  1. Oh I really like it, can't wait to see more!

  2. cell phone pics are good! We used to have a quilt that we used when we were sick although it wasn't called the sick quilt. It was really ugly though and it was what my grandfather had had made up from men's suit samples (ya know dark blues, gray, tweeds..) when he sold clothing. It was pretty washed out by the time I used it. Don't know where it disappeared to though but knowing my mom who doesn't keep anything, it is gone.


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