Monday, September 15, 2008


I put this quilt together last Friday, so I would have a small quilt to try again my skills at machine quilting. Frankly, I stink at it...

I have done it fairly successfully, it looks ok, and it isn't going to fall apart. yippee! But today, it gathered, and puckered, and frankly changed the shape of the quilt over all.

SO I went back online to check and see what else I can do to get this right.

It mentioned spray basting, which , chemically scares me... and it mentioned washable thread basting.

hmmm. that sounds interesting... Has anyone done this? Does it work?

I'm a quilting pin kind of girl... not a big baster... But, If washing them away when you done works, that sounds pretty good to me!

I've tried different needles, settings, and overall, I get a pretty even stitch, but I have noticed every once in a while you get those loose pulling through webby looking stitches...

maybe that's from sewing to fast? I thought it might be tension, but its even everywhere else...

Anyway. back to my machine quilting book.

Let's see what I can learn...


  1. sorry, Im no help at all when it comes to machine quilting. what a fun project though - love the bright happy fabrics/colors.

  2. Oh! don't you just love that bullseye effect with the fabrics!! What a bright and fun quilt.

  3. Sometimes I get those loopy threads too, I think it maybe from going to fast since I seem to notice them when I am really flying around a corner or something! I don't know though, since sometimes I get them for no apparent reason on a straight line! LOL! But the quilt looks great! I love the bright colors!


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