Monday, September 15, 2008

Great sewing weekend

It was a rainy weird weekend. We were very lazy, as we all were recouping from the first week of being back in school. Because of this I got to sew...

And sew, and sew... While someone was having fun with my camera...
This is a quilt I am making for myself. I've never hand quilted a quilt in any particular pattern before. I usually just sew and let it go as it will, Or follow the pattern of the quilt itself.
But this one, I wanted special. My favorite colors, its a bit complicated, instead of the simple ones I tend to make, and it's had a life before me. the hand appliques, were done by someone else. Don't know who. But I found the squares and have put them together to make it a well deserved quilt to be finished...

It was a "make" sort of weekend. B and I also made another couple batches of soap. In efforts to get my husband off commercial chemical brands, we made him my version for IRISH SPRING... but we'll see, some habits are hard to break! ;-)

My garden is about done as well. So even though it was raining, it made for a good day to pull out all the last weeds, grab the last few tomatoes, and pick the edamame. With one last batch of lettuce still coming in, I'm ready for the garden to be done, and start preparing it for next year.

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