Friday, February 23, 2018

Oh Boy!

 So, I'm at home this week! I am not at QuiltCon this year!  ...And look what happens? 
First Place for Modern Traditionalism on my Color Study H1 Quilt!
WHAT!  What a treat to find out that it has some ribbon bling next to it!

A BIG thank you to the Judges for choosing my quilt! It is part of a new series I am working on. I have been exploring color and how it can change depending what it's sitting next too.

And yes, this is the Technique from my Newest Book, Modern Quilt Magic.
Do you have your signed copy?  ;-)

And, Shelly from Prairiemoon Quilts, quilted it for me. Ribbon candy and straight lines, simple, but beautifully done!
As Shelly always does! I pretty much let Shelly quilt everything for me these days.
I have two long arm machines, but I just don't have time to do what I want with them!
one needs to be home more to quilt, which is why I am hone now.
I head next week to teach a five day class at  next week... and I LOVE teaching there, and having 5 days with my students...  

Shelly and I make a good team... Thanks Shelly!

I have a new Template set available at the store!

Have a peek! 



  1. Victoria - you are the master of "Modern Traditionalism"! Congratulations to you and Shelly - so well deserved! Diane

  2. Pretty FABULOUS. You DO have the best use of color!!!


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