Sunday, December 3, 2017

Don't miss this!

DEC 8-9 ( Friday and Saturday) 9am - 5pm
 40 East Meadow Road
Wilton, CT 06897

Jennifer Paganelli is moving having her final home decor sale and throwing in the contents of her house.. Many antiques and precious treasures will be for sale and she wants help to empty the house. Come see her final contributions and artistic flair to the New England area.  She is moving to Florida and can’t take it with her.. Her home is in the magazine below.. her drawings are now offered on fabric..

(Her home is amazing, filled with everything Jennifer Paganelli!! Don't miss this!!! It's a really treat to be in her home! I know! I've been and sad she's moving!) 

ALSO: Jennifer is doing everything within her power  to raise money for Puerto Rico and The USVI her homeland that was devastated by Irma and Maria. If you can’t make it consider a purchase of bracelets to benefit the islands.