Thursday, February 9, 2017

NEW Snack Sets & Variety Packs!

   I am in LOVE with these small blocks: 
Fast to piece, great for scrap busting and 15 minutes of PLAY!

 Here are little quilts we made using the templates. Each quilt has 9 blocks of each template set.
This orange quilt is Snack set #1
The templates are great for machine piecing or hand piecing! (American patchwork)

Snack set #2

 Snack Set #3

Snack Set #4

Snack Set #5

 Snack set #6
Snack set #6 is quite clever as it can make both blocks shown in this purple quilt. The churn dash, and the cross block.  SWEET!

 Snack Set #7

Each set is sold individually, or

 as a VARIETY PACK! Get all seven in one pack!

So you can use all the blocks to make this cute sampler!

All our new products are listed here.

I have already been playing in my solids scrap bins, and am working on a tonal quilt using 
Snack set #1.  I'm using two colors close in value, to make 9 patch every color combo I can find in my scrap bin. That has not stopped me from making more little blocks of the other sets though! Extra Set #6 and #3 keep popping up on my wall as well!

SNOW DAY!!!  6" already, and to think yesterday was 65. sigh.
Today I will finish my binding on the individual coasters/mug rugs I made as well!
 I hope you will love playing with these Snack Sets!!
I bet you can't just make one!  ( less calories than potato chips!)


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  1. Love your snack sets! And just saw on Amazon there's a book release coming soon... Can't wait- happy weekend!


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