Friday, December 23, 2016

Victory block progress

Heading into a Holiday means I want play time!
Here's what I'v been prepping for this week, so i can play and make more this coming week:

I'm continuing to make my scrap Yellow Pink and Blue Victory Block quilt.  As I get a new pile of scraps, I cut parts out and leave them stacked up, then when I have  free minute to play, I put together     one more new block. Only thinking about designing the block to be different then the last one I made.

It's fun relaxing project... No pressure, just make. When it's time to put them together into one quilt I will look to see how the blocks start to connect...  This is what I love about this options you have for this template set. You have many choices in the design of the block, and can make some very interesting connections between pattern, and blending of patterns across the block lines!  I will be showing you more of the blocks make over the holiday break!

Happy Holidays!

*Any orders placed at during our holiday closure, will be shipped January 2nd, 2017


  1. Looks like some fun play! Enjoy your holidays! Merry Christmas!

  2. Way too much fun playing with those..... can't wait to see the evolution.


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