Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Sizzix Dies #2- Hex Star!

Hex Star!  I LOVE THIS DIE... Well, actually I love them all. I'm making several king size quilts for myself from these dies, and even another geese crossing version that I started today. It goes so quick with my Sizzix!!

Three machines sizes. (Think, Small, Medium and Large) 
Big Shot, ( the small machines, take the 6" dies... 
Big Shot Plus, ( medium machine) uses The small 6" dies,AND the 9" dies... 
Big Shot Plus,(the LARGE) can use ALL the dies, 6", 9", and 12" dies... 
These sizes are the WIDTH that can go through the machine.. It depends on how you want to use them... TO carry with you on retreats? Small one... 
Medium for more flexibility uses two die sizes, can still carry it with you... 
And last, the Big Shot PRO- A stay in one place machine, I'll do a video soon on them.

Above on the left is the BIG SHOT PLUS, all three dies shown above A 9" platform die,under my hand, and two 6" platforms dies beside that.

on my Right, is the Big Shot, (otherwise known as a fabi)
Uses only 6" platform dies... that 6" is what fits through the opening the machine.

All my Sizzix dies are available HERE.

OK, My HEX STAR die. You can use this die in a couple different ways, I like to design dies that give you a multitude of options!  Loving HEXIES? The star without the half rectangles, gives you just a nice big pieced hex. I have a video on making all the die shapes at my website.

This red and brown version is going to be king size. I already raided my friends stashes for more Reds and browns, as I depleted most of mine!  My bed.  Can't wait.  Must get busy!

But you can also square out the Hexagon to make it a block, like this one below! Isn't it so fun? I even fussy cut on my die!  Fabulous!

At the last minute I made up a small wall hanging, that I can hang in my kitchen... using my Yellow Leo Diamond print from Mostly Manor, for the background. Next I  dug out some favorite golds, and bright yellows to make this version. Using the half rectangle, finishes my hexes so they have a straight edge...

So much fun!

One more die to go!

All my Sizzix dies are available HERE.


  1. Very fun! Love the red and brown version.

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  3. Thank you for the run down on the Sizzix machines! This will definitely be on my Christmas list along with the G adapter and some of your dies. Love the Hex Star die and the quilt you are making with it!

  4. Love your star quilts! Fitting for a star quilter like yourself!

  5. Will you have the hex star templates available on your website for purchase, or are they only available as a Sizzix die?


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