Sunday, December 6, 2015


I'm speechless, humbled and honored to have my quilts The Double Wedding Rings, Traditions Made Modern exhibit hanging in the new exhibition space at the Schweinfurth Art Center.  It looks amazing, and yes, QUILTS are ART! They also had the Quilts = Art = Quilts exhibit on, with some amazing inspiring pieces hung as well... I want to sew!!

Day one of the two day Double wedding ring class wrapped up, with students finishing design, and starting to sew their curves with great success already! Honored to be be teaching in the Barbara Feinstein sewing studio...

Photos to come!!  Be ready to be inspired!


  1. Congratulations, such a beautiful exhibition! Unfornately I could not make it to Houston earlier this year so have not seen any of these. Would be nice if we could get the chance in Europe one day to see this.

  2. congratulations - hadn't stopped by for awhile and love all that you are doing.

  3. Congratulations. You're quilts are so beautiful and have earned this honor. Hugs

  4. What an amazing exhibition of your wonderful quilts - congratulations!!

  5. congratulations! the quilts are so beautiful! (wish I could visit this amazing exhibition)
    best wishes from over the ocean

  6. Thanks for letting us get at least a peek, since we can't all come see them in person. Wish I could, I know photos don't do them justice!

  7. Congratulations! It is a well deserved honor. Truly beautiful art!

  8. They look simply splendid. Congratulations!

  9. Looks good and I think you have found your passion and now a happy artist.
    Fabric trumps paint.


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